Polar FT80 vs FT60

When you are doing exercise timing and counting are important. You have to understand about the condition of your body related to the process of doing exercise. You have, for example, counting your heart rate, fat burned, lap and so on. You also need to decide how many times needed in finishing one lap or something like that. However, the fact is we sometimes less consider about it although such matters are very important while we are doing exercise. We need other people and even other stuff to help us. As we know, Polar produce product like watch with training computer in it. Such products ease us to manage time and control our body during doing exercise. There are many types of product offered by Polar, two of them are Polar FT80 and Polar FT60. What are the specialties of both products? Here is the review about Polar FT80 vs FT60.

Polar FT80 vs FT60

Both FT80 and FT60 have same features like other product of Polar had. Those types are created with unique and more modern design. They can show your body condition at the beginning of session, and then the device will guide you to do such training program offered. You can see your heart rate, fats burned, calories burned and BMA. You can also determine how many laps you will run or how long you will spend time in a session. You can record the data and transfer them using USB cable into such devices that support Windows and Mac OS X program.

What make both types different is FT60 offers various excess than the other. This is why the price is higher than the FT80 but, it is just a little. It can be used for running, cross-training, cycling and even swimming. It is designed for man and woman with different color, so you can choose it based on your taste. It is proven, that providing product with such kind of specialties can attract more attention from the customer.

Polar FT80 vs FT60

NamePolar FT80Polar FT60
Key FeaturesGuides your strength training with heart rate-based recovery periods between sets, and creates training program based on personal goals while setting new weekly training targetsDisplays heart rate as percentage of maximum, bpm, and within target zone indicator
Ratings*3.6 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars

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In brief, FT60 is become the winner between two products. The reasons are pretty clear, right? It offers more features and service than the other. If we look at it price, it can be said that it is cheap. Let we compare it with FT80, which has less feature but the price is nearly the price of FT60. In addition, based on the customer rating, they already choose Polar FT60.


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