Plantar Fasciitis vs Heel Spur

The healthy life is the beginning of the happy life. Without it, there is no fun. It just pain and suffer. Actually there is no way to get away from any disease completely. But knowledge allows people to reduce the risk. Talking about health disorder, there is one problem which attacks the heel. That is heel spur and plantar fasciitis. At first, those problems look similar. But there is some difference between those health disorders.

Plantar Fasciitis vs Heel Spur

Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation that located at the bottom of the foot. When people get this problem, stand or walk will be painful. In the most cases, it experienced by middle aged people. Young people who get so much load on the foot. This is why athlete and soldiers have more risky. Actually plantar fasciitis caused by straining at the ligament. When the strain becomes more serious, it will make the heel feels painful.

Heel spur looks like similar with plantar fasciitis. It also makes the heel feel painful. But unlike plantar fasciitis, heel spur is painless. The cause of heel spur is calcium deposit. It build up under the heel bone and looks like bone growth. In the future, this bone has known as heel spur. Like plantar fasciitis, heel spur can be caused by stains on the foot ligament and muscle.

Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur can trigger the similar pain on the heel. But unlike plantar fasciitis, heel spur is painless. Even sometimes it feels no pain at all. But heel spur can cause plantar fasciitis. If plantar fasciitis caused by strain on the ligament, heel spur caused by deposit of calcium. From here, the difference between Plantar Fasciitis vs Heel Spur looks clear enough.

Plantar Fasciitis vs Heel Spur

NamePlantar FasciitisHeel Spur
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When people get one of these health disorders, check it to the doctor is the best thing to do. After the problem looks clear, people can treat it by stretching the calf muscle, get ice on the foot after activity and take a rest.

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