Pillow Soft Curls Vs Jelly Soft Curls

Either you are working woman, a college girl, or a socialite we all need to dress up for different occasions. Next to our make up the most important thing is making our hair, and for that we need certain hair products. But the most annoying question is how to make our hair and for that purpose what product to use? We today might have used thousands of hair products on our hair but only some of them are worth repeating. Recently two new products have been launched in the market the Jelly Soft Curls and the Pillow Soft Curls, and provide promising results but the question remains which to use?

Pillow Soft Curls Vs Jelly Soft Curls

The Pillow soft curls as can be known from the name is a lotion that gives your hair beautiful big, soft, curly hair. It is the first fabric softener type lotion that will leave your hair fluffy and soft like a pillow. It does have a beautiful scent and moisturizes your hair too. Don’t you worry it does not leaves the white gel like residue we all are afraid of. It is an easy to use tube. But the thing is it leaves the hair so fluffy and soft that it is hard to maintain the same style after two days. The blue color might also be a turn off for some people.

The Jelly soft hair is one of the impossible things that exist now a day. Fed up of your hair turning into dry and crunchy well this is the product to be used. The Jelly soft Curl is the lotion that leaves your soft, smooth, and curly. It adds a shine to your hair. Like the other product, it also has a beautiful scent but it does not provide the moisturizing and it also causes shrinkage.

Pillow Soft Curls Vs Jelly Soft Curls

NamePillow Soft CurlsJelly Soft Curls
Key Features- It's the first "fabric softener" type styling lotion - It spreads so smoothly and feels as light as a feather on your curls- Great for: wavy, curly, tight curly, kinky and transitioners - Soft to medium hold
Ratings*4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.0 out of 5.0 stars

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Both the products are in good in their own way but for us woman the Pillow soft Curl is the better one because it adds an extra fluffiness to your hair that we all need, we can work with the two days maintaining style can’t we although both are a little costly but it is better than the salon bills isn’t it.

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