Osaki OS-4000 Review: Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair

Being late in versatile modern humans sometimes claims to be more productive in everything that is good in physical and mental. And often health is often at stake. Sometimes excessive activity often triggers health problems such as pain, shoulder pain, muscle aches, headaches, stress, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and even the occurrence of a pinched nerve. Good massage can reduce muscle tension and back pain massage therapy, but not always comfortable, this depends on the technique and how to massage. Now also available electronic equipment that can provide some benefits by using massage chairs. This massage chair can certainly relieve back pain and neck pain. However, for some people, the feeling of benefits obtained after using a massage chair can keep the body healthy. Some believe the massage chair is a luxury item because of the relatively high price in the market, we will give a review of the massage chair and the quality is Osaki OS-4000.

Osaki OS-4000 Review Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair

Osaki OS-4000 is the most well-known brand model and one of the best overall massage chairs. Popular benefits of providing a wonderful massage. It comes with innovative features that offer relaxation and relief for your body. You can find out more about this feature and learn more about the seats by checking the next statement. The shape of the Osaki OS-4000 has been designed to fit comfortably the curvature of the spine, especially the lumbar region. Osaki OS-4000 has a zero gravity position, which minimizes pressure on the user’s spine. It is an excellent feature and helps to create a feeling of weight and relaxation, especially in the back and neck areas. Overthrow Osaki OS-4000 scans the body before starting the massage to create a massage that matches the user’s body type. Osaki OS-400 has been engineered that aims minimizing the number of airbags while maximizing the amount of surface space they cover. Osaki OS-4000 has a large main remote, so you can easily access through various massage options.

Performances can be seen on massage functions such as shaker, circular motion rollers. Helps to eliminate tense muscle tissue and knots. Rolling as a fluid movement that mimics a sliding human hand or presses up and down the spine. Techniques used for heating and awakening of muscles. Mostly used at the beginning or end of the massage. Clapping is like a roller working on muscle tissue by creating a palm-plumping feeling. Technique relieves muscle pain. Tapping the rollers can create a feeling of fingers tapping along the user’s spine. Tapping helps relieve headaches and tension behind one’s neck and head.


- Computer Body Scan System, True Ergonomic S-Track, Upgraded PU covering for Increase Durability and Comfort - Six unique Pre-Set Programs, Easy-to-use Large LCD Display Remote with Wireless Remote, 2 Stage Zero-Gravity Positioning Inspred by NASA - Foot, Calves, Arm, Hips and Shoulder Air Pressure Massage; Hips and Lumbar Squeeze; Auto Timer Setting from 5-30 minutes Massage Session - 5 Levels of Speed and Intensity for the Massage, Seat Vibration Massage, Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote, Lower Back Heat Therapy - Auto Leg Scan, Seat Vibration, Intensity Control, Manual Mode, 8 Pre-Set Programs

With all things considered, the Osaki OS-4000 Review definitely stands out above the rest in a certain price range. The massage chairs are undoubtedly a great purchase, but many are realizing their ease of use and the number of them returning from time to time. A wise investment for those who need it, and if you want quality with good price massage chair Osaki OS-4000 is a serious competitor. We hope that with our Osaki OS-4000 massage chair review you will find the information needed to understand whether the seats are right for your needs.

Specification of Osaki OS-4000
• In built body computer scan system
• S-Track system
• Airbag massage
• 2 stages of Zero Gravity
• Low back thermal therapy system
• Wireless Controller
• Auto Foot Scan
• LCD display with Mini wireless controller
• Auto-timer with 5-30 minute programming options
• Massage of arms and hands
• 3 years warranty covering full coverage of all parts and labor

Pro Osaki OS-4000
• Hip and shoulder massage air
• Five levels of speed and intensity
• Zero gravity design to minimize pressure on the spine
• Vibrating massage chair
• Six automatic massage programs: Health, Relax, therapy, Smart, circulation and Demo
• Time adjustable calf
• S-track design to match the user’s spine shape
• Complete upper and lower body massage
• Body scanning technology
• ‘Human hand’ massage
• Adjustable width
• Available in 4 colors

Price for Osaki OS-4000
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