Nanogen Vs Toppik

One solution to hair loss that has been proven to work is using a hair fiber treatment. Well, hair fibers are not actually able to refresh the hair growth back, but, if you need a quick and effective answer, then applying hair fibers is almost always the best way to go. As for now, there are several popular hair fiber brands available on the market. Among them are Nanogen and Toppik. A lot of users have praised these products due to the effectiveness. Are you now confused in choosing between Nanogen and Toppik? Continue reading to determine the best one for you!

Nanogen Vs Toppik

Nanogen is a hair fiber treatment product that utilizes a unique formulation of keratin. The nanofibers are cut and shaped sophisticatedly so that they are able to maximize their adherence to your natural hair. Nanogen comes in a specialized jar, which features the ability to send electrostatic charges to the nanofibers. Furthermore, the nanofibers have also been given a special coating that helps to keep the charges. In turn, the electrostatic charges help the nanofibers to stick and bind firmly to your natural hair. Because keratin is the innate component that constructs the real hair, Nanogen looks and feels natural. It doesn’t irritate as well, making it very convenient to use. A lot of users have stated that Nanogen gives slightly more volume and thickness to the hair than Toppik, and this seems to be caused by the electrostatic charges as well. Nanogen is available in ten blendable colors.

Toppik is also a hair fiber treatment product making use of keratin-based tiny fibers. Toppik usually comes in a special spray tube that provides a much better control as you apply the product to your balding hair. There is also a hairline optimizer, which functions to improve the fibers applied around the hairline area for a natural look. Compared to Nanogen, Toppik is slightly less durable, but is somehow easier to get. Toppik comes in nine blendable colors. (See also: DermMatch Vs Toppik)

Nanogen Vs Toppik

Key Features- Nanofibres are applied quickly and without mess by simply shaking over thinning hair - Nanofibres bond to your hair so securely they will stay in place all day and will not stain or smear - Nanofibers will even resist strong winds rain and swimming when combined with Locking Mist Plus - They are completely natural and they will not damage your hair or scalp - Charged with static electricity they bond to your own hair- Made of natural, colored Keratin Fibers - Magnetized with static energy - Wind, rain and sweat resistant - Removes easily with shampoo - For all hair types and textures - For men and women
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Overall, Nanogen and Toppik work the same way. Both have been proven to work well. However, Nanogen is the better one here. The advanced design of the product provides better volume, thickness, and durability.

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