Mio Alpha vs Basis B1

Looking back a couple of years ago, you might be one of those people who put on their iPod on an armband and running with it. The device works to tract your heart rate, steps, activities, and so. However, running around with an iPod strongly attached on your arm can give you some discomfort. The device has some weight to put on your arm. Luckily, now there are numerous choices of activity tracking devices. Looking for the most accurate and convenient choices, you will find these two devices on the list, mio alpha and basis B1.

Mio Alpha vs Basis B1

Mio Alpha gives you the convenience of tracking your activities on fitness applications. Although this device doesn’t come with its own application, but it integrates with several other fitness tracking applications, sending the data of your running and activities right to those apps. So, you can always monitor your progress through the apps. However, Mio Alpha has limited battery life spand, forcing you to turn off the heart rate tracking feature when you’re done with your exercise to save the battery life.

Comparing Mio Alpha vs Basis B1 can give you some eye opening facts. Basis B1 may not offer the convenience in integrating your activities tracking records to several applications. However, this device certainly does a great work in tracking your heart rate, counting steps, taking skin temperature, and even recording your sleep pattern. The device also provides you with detailed information of your running, including the distance and route. The battery can survive for a week.

Mio Alpha vs Basis B1

NameMio AlphaBasis B1
Key Features- Strapless continuous heart rate monitor - Continuous heart rate display - User settable heart rate zones with visual and audible alerts - Data review (total exercise time; average heart rate; time "in zone") - Timer/Clock- The only Complete Health Tracker. Tracks Heart Rate, Perspiration, Skin Temperature, Steps, and Calories. - Automatically tracks Running, Walking, Biking and Sleep without pressing any buttons. Advanced Sleep Tracking shows periods of REM, Deep, and Light Sleep.
Ratings*3.9 out of 5.0 stars3.2 out of 5.0 stars

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It all depends on yourself. If you want a simple device that can integrate with other apps, then Mio Alpha will be the one for you. However, if you want a running tracker device with detailed data of your exercise, Basis B1 will be the best companion to put on you on the long track of routine exercise.

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