Merkur Futur Vs Muhle R41

Shaving is the process of removing hair from various body parts with the aid of either a razor or other bladed implements. It is mostly practiced by men as they remove their facial hair. Women also shave their legs and underarm on a regular basis. A number of products are used to facilitate the shaving process. They include soap, cream, brushes, safety razors, cuff-links, razor blades and hair and skin products. In this article we compare two safety razors used for modern day shaving process, that is Merkur Futur vs Muhle R41.

Merkur Futur Vs Muhle R41

Merkur Futur is an innovative adjustable safety razor that enables a wet shaver to adjust its blade gap. The adjusting of the gap is meant to provide the right shaving aggressiveness required for your beard based on the skin type and the beard density. The Merkur brand was originally known as Emil-Hermes Solingen-Merscheid. Most of their razors are traditional two and three piece design that can be unscrewed to change the blades. The Merkur Futur has a contemporary and elegant design that gives you a smooth finish during shaving. Its handle is longer than the traditional razors. Its weight is 4 ounces and has a nice solid feel.

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Muhle R41 is a chrome plated, double edged, open comb safety razor. Its metal design combines high quality working and a fine engraved finish. This razor comes with great features for precision, beauty and ergonomics for ambitious wet shavers. The razor has a double derby edge blade. The open comb works well for experienced wet shavers. The principle of construction has made it possible for this razor to have a special blade angle for vigorous and direct shaving techniques. The curvature of the cap also enables the curved blade to be exposed and be clamped in its place. Cleaning of this razor is easier due to its innovative design.

Merkur Futur Vs Muhle R41

NameMerkur FuturMuhle R41
Key Features- Double Edge Design - Adjustable razor blade angle - Beautiful Satin finish - Gives a close, comfortable shave - Made in Germany- TRADITIONAL – Safety Razor from MÜHLE Open Comb - Handle Material Chrome-plated Metal
Ratings*4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars

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In conclusion, a comparison of Merkur Futur vs Muhle R41 shows that as much as Merkur Futur offers a closer smooth shave, Muhle R41 on the other hand is much easier to handle, gives you a faster shave hence saving you time especially if you are rushing for work. Whereas Muhle R41 would be ideal for aggressive and faster shaves, the Merkur Futur can be adjusted for a more effective shave. You will choose Merkur Futur if you require a smoother wet shave and Muhle R41 if you require a faster shave.

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