Medifast Vs Wonderslim

In this modern age, we often struggle to get into decent physical shape. This is because the way that we work, the ways that we have fun, and the way in which we eat are much different than they used to be, and are certainly not geared for obtaining a healthy, fit body. Two companies today, Medifast and Wonderslim, promise a more fit you.

Medifast Vs Wonderslim

These products have various, convincing ad campaigns and promotions, but throughout this article we will tear those down and finally figure out in the fight of Medifast Vs Wonderslim, which product actually comes out on top when considering both health, fat loss, and what it takes (while using the product) to achieve those. First we’ll look at the different aspects of Medifast, then do the same with Wonderslim, and by the end of this article we should have enough information to compare the two.

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Medifast is an all American company based out of Owing Mills, Maryland and was founded in 1980. The products created by this company were originally advertised to doctors, who would in turn prescribe them to patients if the doctor deemed them necessary. Now the companies products are available directly to the consumers, and the company now has stocks available on the New York stock market. The company is basically designed to give consumers meals that will help them loose weight, much like Weight Watchers. The food items are titled, “meal replacements” and are designed to make one feel full while not giving them too many calories. The products give some insight on how healthy these meals actually are. Now, while Medifast does provide a diet that will be less calories than the diet that an over weight person most likely follows, it doesn’t seem to cater to a healthy lifestyle.

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Most of the food choices are sort of versions of things that unhealthy people would normally eat, but in smaller portions. This means that people who loose weight on the Medifast diet will be loosing body fat, but not getting the important nutrient that other diets provide. Also, if someone does loose weight with these food products, they have to continue buying from Medifast or gain the weight again. This is because Medifast does not teach someone how to eat healthy. If someone leaves the Medifast diet because they want to start eating normal food again, they will continue to eat food like pancakes, pudding, and pizza (some of the foods provided in the Medifast diet). In order to keep off weight, one must learn how to eat properly, not simply eat smaller versions of unhealthy food.

Wonderslim implements the same kind of techniques on loosing weight, such as providing smaller portions, so I do not need to go too far into that. However, there are a few things that Wonderslim implements that Medifast does not. This includes the “Mommy Slim” program. It is a program that is designed with the nutrients in mind for a mother who has just given birth to a child. One reason why this is great is that this program has the potential to help a mother loose weight that she might have picked up during her pregnancy, but it takes her health into more consideration.

Medifast vs Wonderslim

Wonderslim is the victor in this situation simply because of the “Mommy Slim” program. A mother who just gave birth and signs up for Medifast gets the same nutrients and calories as everyone else in this program, which could cause her to become unhealthy. The Wonderslim program not only provides necessary nutrients, but for pregnant women it puts an emphasis on health rather than loosing weight fast.

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