Mario Badescu Silver Powder Review: For Skincare

Blackhead is the stopper of the pores are small, black or white. Face with blackheads will look dirty and dull. Blackheads appear due to the buildup of excess oil (sebum), as well as the dead skin cells. Typically, the blackhead appears in areas of T (forehead, nose, and Chin), also under the eyes and cheeks. Do not eliminate blackheads by way of hit it, because even will stimulate the acne will worsen the condition of the face, could even lead to infection/fester. If you have problem for an excessive and stubborn blackheads, this oil absorbent powder will help to unclog congested pores. It claims to heal and prevent blackheads and also promotes a healthier complexion. If you want to know more about this product, let us give the name first: Mario Badescu Silver Powder. And detail will be written on the article of the following below.

Mario Badescu Silver Powder Review For Skincare

Actually this is not a powder that you usually use after doing make up, but this is more like a mask for healing your problem especially blackheads. And this is one of the best selling product from Mario Badescu and get many good reviews from the customers. Packaging Mario Badescu is always simple and it does look like a medication from the pharmacy, but drank wonderful Silver Powder. Actually its powder the color white is not silver, it’s a lot while each application only takes a little wrote. Silver Powder used to rid blackheads and whiteheads and tightens the pores, and also the super-absorbent silver powder also can excessive t-zone oiliness. You can use this product once or twice a week by cover the certain part of your face not all. The spot or area that you think has large pores, blackheads, or t-zone. The ingredients of this powder comes with decongest and clarify complexions with powerful, oil-absorbent, natural minerals like Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate, and Zinc Oxide. They can produce many benefits as we wrote on the previous statements. It has materials like excess oil, buildup, and pore-clogging impurities which are drawn out, revealing visibly clearer, and healthier skin too.

By only on the first trial of this powder, you will immediately get the results especially in decreasing your blackheads around the nose. Your nose will be smoother like a Barbie, you can imagine if you use it continuously right? For you who already repurchase it as your second or maybe the third times, you must feel the same way, increasingly reduce your blackheads. But, for a combination skin, it does not really work for inclogging pores. How to use it? Simply way! You just need to prepare a cotton pad then dampened it with a bit water. Next, put a little amount of the product’s cover and dip the water-dampened cotton pad into the powder carefully. Apply it to your certain area of face like forehead, around nose or T-conjunction, and chin or under mouth area. Wait 10 until 15 minutes and remove the powder using your toner from any kinds of brand. Then lastly, you will see a remarkable difference after one application. Mario Badescu Silver Powder has a high price but this product is worth-it since you see the results for your skin.


For excessive, stubborn blackheads, this oil absorbent powder will help to unclog congested pores. Prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion. You will see a remarkable difference after one application.

Without no doubt and think about the price, if you have some problems on your face like oily skin, black and whiteheads, acne, but still want to use a natural product that comes in natural ingredients too, Mario Bedescu Silver Powder should be one of your main list. Unlike the other powder, it is mostly using as a mask not as a powder putting after doing make up. Many reviews said this is a great and amazing product, and why you do not become one of the positive vibes of it?

Specifications of Mario Badescu Silver Powder
· One of brand from Mario Badescu skincare
· It is made by Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Zinc Oxide (CI 177497)
· Made in USA
· Can Store in a cool or dry place
· It is not tested on animals
· It can be removed by toner or astringent

Pros of Mario Badescu Silver Powder
· Makes face feel like angles are surrounding it
· Make your skin stays dry, but not dried out, and looks so healthy
· Make you feel more confident when you are going out
· Effective, Easy to use, good value, and lightweight product
· Best uses for blackheads or whiteheads problem, oily skin, acne by women on weekly.

Price for Mario Badescu Silver Powder
Check the best price for Mario Badescu Silver Powder here!

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