Manic Depression vs Bipolar

There are common confusions related to the use of medical terms and also some other information; Manic depression vs Bipolar disorder is one of the common medical term confusions. Basically; the two terms are commonly used to mention the same mental illness. The mental illness is separated to two episodes of agitated or mood elevation and the depression episode; the two episodes are usually happened one after another to make the person with this kind of disorder unable to live a normal life.

Manic Depression vs Bipolar

Basically; the mental illness or disorder is something that can happen to anyone with any gender and race or ethnic groups. The cause or the causes of the mental disorder is not yet to be found, but it is believed the environmental and genetic factors are parts of the main causes.

Based on the use of the medical terms; the use of manic depression is more commonly used in the past while the use of bipolar disorder is more common in the modern era. The bipolar disorder is having two stages or periods; the manic or the high period and the depression or the low period while the normal mood period lies between the two periods. The severity of the case is various; there are extreme to very mild of mood swings that can happen to anyone with the bipolar disorder.

Manic Depression vs Bipolar

NameManic DepressionBipolar
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Besides the presence of manic and depressive periods; most people with bipolar disorder may have the thinking disturbance like the perception distortion as well as the social functions impairment. In most cases; the bipolar disorder usually appears between 15 to 24 years of age. It is very rare that the bipolar disorder diagnosed in adults over 60 years or in children less than 13 years. It is recommended to attend support group to accompany the medical treatments for each of the episodes to maintain the condition as close as possible to the normal mood.

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