Magnum Condoms Vs Regular

Human are born different, some of us might has a smaller build than the others, while some of us might be bigger in build than most of other people. The genes is the main culprit to cause this phenomena. Because of this some people tend to have a hard experience when trying to find the perfect fit for them. Whether it is clothes, shoes, or condoms. In this article we will specifically talk about the later. We will try to give you some information regarding the Trojan magnum condoms and the regular one, this time we are going to use Pasante regular condom as a comparison.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Trojan Magnum Condoms and Regular Condoms
– What is the feature of Trojan Magnum Condoms and Pasante Regular Condoms
– Trojan Magnum Condoms vs Pasante Regular Condoms

About Trojan Magnum Condoms
Trojan magnum condoms are large size condom manufactured by Trojan. The company claims that their condoms are made bigger than standard Trojan condoms for extra comfort. Trojan magnum condoms similar to other condoms available out there it has a reservoir end for extra safety. It also featured with tapered base for secure fit. Trojan include a silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. Taken from their homepage, the material used to produce Trojan Magnum condoms are premium quality latex in an attempt to reduce the risk of pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Illness. The customer also can use the condom at ease because each one of them are already electronically tested to help ensure reliability.

Trojan Magnum Condoms Features
The Trojan Magnum became so popular might because it’s strong marketing of iconic gold wrapper. Magnum has become a symbol in few recent years as a way to show off the size of your inseam might be and what can it do with that measurements later the night. Magnum condoms is special because its size. The very size of magnum is measuring at 8,1 inch long and 2,5/2,25 inch wide (the head and shaft), this is what makes the condom special.

As Trojan began to introduce the Magnum condoms, other companies began to produce their own special “big size” condoms too. However the marketing strategy by Trojan itself outdo other company by naming their product “Trojan Magnum”, somehow the naming itself speak for the product. Aside from its marketing strategy, Trojan Magnum is basically a larger sized latex condom that comes with water based lubricant. The best way to think Trojan Magnum condoms is by thinking it is the big brother version of Trojan Enz condoms. Also read our other article on Trojan Bareskin vs Lifestyles SKYN here.

About Pasante Regular Condoms
Regular condoms which are we going to review in this article is exclusively refer to Pasante regular condom. Pasante regular condom is a traditional shaped condom. The pasante regular condom claims to be a better fit and able to enhance the sensation. Pasante regular condom is built with an extra space for the tip part in an attempt to allow more friction. The design is claimed to be a better over-all snugness and feeling of warmth and suitable for oral, vaginal or anal sex.

Pasante Regular Condoms Features
Similar to many condoms available in the market today, Pasante also featured with a reservoir tip and comes with the standard size. Pasante in recent years has grown into the UK’s favourite and fastest growing condom company. The exact measurements are 190mm in length, 66mm width at the head, 54mm width at the base, with 0.065mm thickness.

The pasante regular condoms comes in a bright pink rectangular box. When you look at it, you will notice the heart shaped sparkles around the Pasante logo. Many women find it somehow incredibly cute. Inside the box you can also find a leaflet with information on how to use the condom. This includes on how to put one on for the most effective results and also list some information about the safety use of the condom.

The regular Pasante condoms is manufactured with transparent color and also made from high quality latex. The condoms is little thinner than some basic condoms, the thickness is about 0,065 mm. the condom already comes with silicone based lubricant in the package. However if you feel the amount is not enough, you can add more lubricant as long as it is water based formula lubricant. Pasante regular condoms is a great choice for people who desired a dependable protection, enhanced sensitivity, and above all reliability, that comes in an affordable price.

As it have been said above Trojan Magnum is the larger sized condoms, while regular condom, just like its name, the size in regular sized condom is indeed “regular”. In this article we compare the Magnum condoms from Trojan and the regular condoms from Pasante. Their difference is very clear only by looking at its name, aside from the size their difference is their origin. We know that Trojan company is based in the U.S. while Pasante is and original U.K Product.

Magnum Condoms Vs Regular

NameMagnum CondomsRegular Condoms
Key Features– Latex – Made in USA – Larger than standard latex condoms for more comfort Premium quality latex helps reduce the risk– Shaped simplicity, comfort and feeling – Contoured fit, smooth, natural colour, teat ended condoms – Contains 12 condoms
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Other difference for both condoms is the type of lubricant inserted in the package. Trojan Magnum is said to use the water based lubricant, while Pasante regular used the silicone based lubricant. If you find it to be too tight or restricting when wearing regular or normal condoms, it is always okay to switch to a larger condoms like Trojan Magnum. Wearing the condoms that fit your size the best will increase your comfort and sensitivity.

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