Learning on How to Brush with Sonicare?

How to Brush with Sonicare? – Sonicare toothbrushes from Philips has unique way of work. With its electrical work, Philips Sonicare toothbrushes are created to clean your mouth effectively without putting much effort. In fact, you will feel in ease when using Sonicare than usual toothbrushes. Moreover, Sonicare using the latest technology to have cleaning effect in your teeth and mouth. With the head of brush that vibrate in hundreds times per second, Sonicare will clean teeth, whiten them, and prevent cavities or another mouth problem. As we know that Sonicare is an electric toothbrush (read also : Philips Sonicare vs Oral-B Electric Toothbrush), the way of using it is rather different than our usual and common toothbrush. Next, we will learn about how to brush with sonicare.

How to Brush with Sonicare

Before using it regularly, you should take time to learn how to brush with sonicare and get used to it. In the beginning of using, the vibrations can be confusing and distracting for some people. It is best if you practice how to place the toothbrush between the teeth first before turning on it. You should make sure the bristles of toothbrush touch between your teeth and along your gumline.

How to Brush with Sonicare 1For the beginners, you don’t have to apply the toothpaste to get used with the vibration and toothbrush position in your mouth. Just wetting the bristles is enough, then you can focus on where the bristles will take place and touch.

Next, after you know the beginning steps of how to brush with sonicare, now you can start using the electric toothbrush regularly. You just need to wet the bristles and apply the toothpaste, then put the right position of your toothbrush bristles so they are touching the teeth and slightly the gum line (about 45 degree angle between the brush head and the gum line). Now turn on the power, press lightly to the teeth and gently move the brush head in circular motion on the teeth and gums.

Start with the corner of your mouth, then work all the way around your teeth. Do not scrub, brush, or rub your toothbrush to the teeth or gum line. Sonicare toothbrush will take care of the brushing, you only need to glide the brush head gently and continue the motion like your usual brushing cycle.

The toothbrush will stop automatically usually after two minutes. You can start again the button power and finish your brushing if you haven’t finished. A little tip on how to brush with sonicare: when brushing, close your mouth to prevent splattering of the toothpaste and don’t turn on the power when the brush still out of your mouth. That’s all How to Brush with Sonicare.

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