Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis

Which One Is Better? Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis? Let’s face it! Hair is the part of our lives. We’re mammals and all mammals have hair. That’s it and there is no way to deny it. However, there are times for us to be annoyed by the hair. This situation is commonly faced by the women since there might be some undesired hair which grows on some body parts. Without any second thoughts, the women will start finding the way to get rid of the hair. Most of you might end up in figuring out two alternatives: laser hair removal and electrolysis. Both of those methods have been proven to be able to make the hair vanish. But, which one is better? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about here.

Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis

Laser Hair Removal
Let’s talk about the laser hair removal first. This kind of hair removal method has been so widely known. But, before you decide to choose this method, you need to know some considerations so you can be more convinced. First thing first, it’s a common sense that laser hair removal is ONLY able to deal with melanin. For your information, melanin is the substance contained that makes the black color of the hair. It means that if your hair is blonde or red, this method is not suitable for you. Even though lately there has been some news regarding how laser hair removal can also deal with blonde and red hair (which barely has any melanin), but the effectiveness is not that good. For addition, notice also the fact that laser hair removal can also affect the melanin in your skin. As the result, there might be some pigmentation problems you face after the process. And related to the pain, laser hair removal is totally less painful than waxing. However, if you compare it to tweezing, laser hair removal will give you more pain. Thus, you should be wise about it. If the hair you want to remove can be gotten rid of by tweezing, it’s better for you to do it since it’s less painful and less expensive.

Now, what about electrolysis? To be honest, electrolysis is similar to laser hair removal but, we are talking about the advanced method here. This hair removal method promises more thorough result because electrolysis will be able to handle each hair piece. In other words, the light hair will also be removed. This method is totally suitable if you want to make sure your skin does not have any hair at all. However, there is a consequence. Electrolysis demands you to endure pain more. If laser hair removal as analogized as a prick stabbed to your skin, just simply multiply it by 20 and that’s what you feel when you are undergoing electrolysis. For addition, the price is also more expensive.

Actually, the method you choose should be based on how much budget you have and also how resistant you are to handle the pain. Anyways, both of those methods are good to remove the hair permanently. So, have you made your choice?

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