Kusmi Tea Vs Mariage Freres

Are you currently confused in choosing between Kusmi Tea and Mariage Freres? There are many reasons why people love tea. Tea gives such a pleasant and soothing effect. There is also the tea party tradition, in which you can socialize with your friends and relatives while drinking some tea. Both Mariage Freres and Kusmi Tea are tea products that have been produced and well-known since a long time ago. However, Mariage Freres is the one that is the symbol of the ancestral culture. People have enjoyed the tea since as early as 1854. Kusmi Tea joined the market not so long after, but is now considered as a more modern brand. So, which is the tea that you should choose?


Kusmi Tea
Kusmi Tea is a high quality tea that is widely popular because of the trendy packaging and variants. A lot of people said that they buy Kusmi Tea because of the packaging and the origin. All the boxes are available in many different fancy colors, with the distinctive brand written boldly to showcase its class. In addition, Kusmi Tea is also available in metal box, Russian-style, and feminine packaging. So, you can use Kusmi Tea boxes to decorate your kitchen! Nevertheless, the taste of the tea is decent. It is relatively tasteless. Kusmi Tea is available in a very wide range of choices of eccentric tastes, including detox tea and relaxation tea. As you can see, Kusmi Tea is following the recent modern trend of health drinks.

Mariage Freres
On the other hand, Mariage Freres is a tea whose brand has been regarded for its classical style. It comes in a very old-fashioned packaging, a black box with two yellow labels on the front side. The brand logo also has the colonial looks. If you like the classical style, then Mariage Freres makes an excellent choice. Mariage Freres itself speaks about luxury. The tea is considered premium that it is also used in perfumes and cuisines. The tea leaves used are carefully selected to ensure the premium quality and taste. The taste and flavor are distinctive. Mariage Freres has strong tea aroma. A lot of people also drink Mariage Freres because of tradition; their parents drink it, so they drink it, too.

Kusmi Tea Vs Mariage Freres

NameKusmi TeaMariage Freres
Key Features- Blend of mat‚ and Chinese green tea flavored with lemon and lemon grass - The combination of mat‚ and green tea-Wonder fruity & flowery black tea - 30 traditional French cotton muslin tea sachets
Ratings*4.1 out of 5.0 stars5.0 out of 5.0 stars

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If you prefer a more classical, elegant, and flavorful tea, then Mariage Freres makes the way to go. If you prefer a more modern tea with a wider range of taste choices, you can choose Kusmi Tea.

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