Instead Softcup Vs Diva Cup

When it comes to that sensitive period of the month, some women actually prefer to use menstrual cups instead of tampons or pads. This is because a menstrual cup can be more effective in preventing leakage, and can be worn for nearly the whole day. Now, if you are looking for a nice and reliable menstrual cup, there are two products that may have captured your attention: Instead Softcup and Diva Cup. Both are popular menstrual cups that have become the choices of many women, but which one is the best for you?

Instead Softcup Vs Diva Cup

Usage Method
Both Instead Softcup and Diva Cup are actually used in basically the same way. When using either of the menstrual cups, you just need to insert it into your vagina, and put it right below the cervix. This way, the menstrual cup will be able to collect all the menstrual flow effectively. Then, the cup can be removed if you need to empty the content. However, Instead Softcup and Diva Cup are different that Instead Softcup is meant for single-use only, which means that you have to dispose of each cup every after usage. On the other hand, Diva Cup is reusable. After you empty the cup, you just need to wash it with some water and a mild cleanser before reinsertion. It is also recommended that you put the cup in boiling water for 20 minutes at the end of every cycle. Even so, the manufacturer still recommends you to replace the Diva Cup on a yearly basis. Both Instead Softcup and Diva Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours continuously.

Instead Softcup is made from polyethylene and mineral oil. The cup is shaped like a diaphragm and is flexible. On the other hand, Diva Cup is made from silicone, and the shape more resembles a bell. There is a short stem at the bottom that functions for easy removal. While Instead Softcup is only available in a single size that fits most women, Diva Cup offers two size options. The size depends on whether you have ever given birth and your age.

Both models are very portable. Instead Softcup is indeed cheaper than Diva Cup, but, if you calculate the cost for replacement cups, Diva Cup is the more efficient one for the long run. Both are safe to use. Instead Softcup is said to be usable during a sexual intercourse, whereas you can’t have sex while wearing Diva Cup. For traveling, Instead Softcup is actually more practical because you don’t need to wash the cup for reinsertion – you simply replace it with a new cup.

Instead Softcup Vs Diva Cup

NameInstead SoftcupDiva Cup
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For cost efficiency, Diva Cup is certainly the way to go. It is ideal for home and work usage. However, for traveling, Instead Softcup is actually better and more practical.

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