Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is actually full of suffering. However, beyond that suffering, there will be a great blessing which will make the suffering become nothing. But, yes, before the baby is born, there will be so many hard times faced by the pregnant mother. One of the most common troubles that happen is hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

The Cause of Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy
The cause of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is none other but the baby inside the womb. How can it be like that? Well, since the baby is growing inside the uterus, there will be pressure here and there. True, the pressure will happen to all direction including to the bottom part. And when the pressure has reached the anus, the hemorrhoids will be likely to happen. You can imagine the blood veins in the bottom area are like balloons containing water in it. If you give pressure to the balloons, at certain point, the balloons cannot handle it anymore and explode. That’s exactly what will happen to your blood veins and it will lead to bleeding. Of course, when it has happened, you will be troubled since it’s next to impossible for you to sit down. If you are not pregnant, it might not be that troublesome. However, when you are pregnant and carrying baby in your body, you will find it so tiring to keep on standing up. You need to sit down but yes, it hurts you down there.

Some Preventive Steps
One thing you need to know about hemorrhoids during pregnancy is the fact that you can actually avoid it. Of course, there is no way for you to stop the pressure which comes from the growing baby inside the uterus. However, there are some other causing factors which can also lead to the hemorrhoids. These things are the ones that we will prevent. Some preventive steps are necessary to make sure you will not suffer from hemorrhoids. And here are the steps.
1. The first is about eating enough fiber. Consume the foods that contain more fiber. That way you can avoid having constipation which can make hemorrhoids happen in bigger chance.
2. Drink more water. Water can definitely decrease the chance for you to suffer from hemorrhoids.
3. Reduce the consumption of sugar.
4. Avoid spending too much time in your toilet. If you do that in quite a long time, the muscles in your anal cavities will be exerted and it will surely lead you to suffer from hemorrhoids or at least increase the chance for it to happen.
5. It is good to have some simple exercise. Just make sure you don’t do too much so the baby will not be bothered inside your body.

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