Heartburn During Pregnancy Myths

Congratulations for your pregnancy. Yes, we cannot deny the fact that pregnancy is something joyful. It’s like a blessing. And if it’s your first pregnancy, you will definitely feel excited. Expecting your first child is able to make you stay in good mood. However, at the same time, many worries also become the part of your mind. You are worried that some things go wrong with your pregnancy. And sometimes, those worries are related to the pregnancy myths.

The Myth of Heartburn during Pregnancy
These myths are not related to the medical world because they are not proven to be true or not. However, in one way or another, those myths are believed by the people. Perhaps, one of the most well-known myths during pregnancy is related to the heartburn. There is a saying which mentions that if you are pregnant and you have heartburn, it is believed that your baby will be burn with a lot of hair. Is there any explanation about it? Well, there’s barely any. But, some people say that the heartburn is caused by the hair of the baby which touches and rubs the area where the heart is located. And that’s how the heartburn happens. Of course, it doesn’t sound logical because once again, we are talking about a myth here. So, what’s the explanation behind the heartburn that commonly happens during pregnancy? Is the myth mentioned before totally wrong? Let’s figure out the answer below.

The Logical Explanation
It’s true that if you are pregnant, especially if your pregnancy has reached late phases, heartburn might happen frequently to you. And to be honest, the explanation related to the myth as stated before, is not 100% wrong. True, the baby “touches” the heart area inside the body of the mother but it doesn’t literally happen like that. The real condition is how the baby is growing inside the uterus. And as the size of the baby and the uterus is growing, the heart is pushed. And this condition causes the acid can move to the back area of the esophagus easily. This is how the unpleasant feeling which is known as heartburn happens. Thus, it can be said that the myth is actually not really wrong but it is not right either. There is no connection between heartburn and the hair of the baby.

Now that you have known the real condition as well as the logical explanation about the heartburn that happens during pregnancy, you should not worry anymore. Please get rid of the worry if you experience the heartburn too often with the assumption that your baby will be born with long hair. Instead, you should go check with your doctor to see whether there is something wrong or not with your pregnancy.

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