Hairfluence Vs Sugar Bear

Dealing with hair loss is a tough battle. There are various factors that may cause hair loss. The right treatment is often not straightforward. Getting enough nutrition is one of the most important things for fighting hair loss. In this article, we will discuss about two popular hair supplements, Hairfluence vs Sugar Bear, to help you choose the best product.

What we will discuss in this article include:
– The ingredients used by each supplement
– The comparison of their nutritional values
– How to take Hairfluence and Sugar Bear
– Whether these supplements are effective or not
– The side effects of Hairfluence vs Sugar Bear
– Which hair supplement that is generally more recommended

First of all, let’s take a look at the ingredients used by these supplements. Checking the ingredients is very important because, besides for ensuring the quality of the product, it is also for ensuring that the product doesn’t use any thing that may cause allergy reactions or other health problems. See also: Hairfluence vs Hairfinity.

Hairfluence from Zhou Nutrition boasts that it is non-GMO and gluten-free. These are positive traits. In addition, the company is very transparent about what they use and what those ingredients are used for. The transparency shows that the company is honest and professional.

The ingredients of Hairfluence include biotin, bamboo extract containing 70% silica, keratin, hydrolyzed collagen, methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM), folic acid, as well as vitamins A, C, D3, B1 (thiamine), and B12. In addition, this supplement also uses cellulose for the vegetable capsules and L-leucine.

Sugar Bear Hair claims that their products are manufactured in USA-based facilities that use FDA-approved guidelines to ensure the quality and safety. The primary ingredients include a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, choline, inositol, zinc, and iodine.

However, Sugar Bear Hair also uses ingredients like glucose syrup, sugar, pectin, natural flavors, coconut oil, carnauba wax, sodium citrate, citric acid, natural flavors, and coloring agents. These ingredients are needed for making the gummies and enhancing the flavor. However, you don’t need to worry so much about the sugar content because it actually isn’t very high. The sugar content is only 3g per serving. The sodium content is also not too high, only 10mg per serving.

Since the main idea of a hair supplement is nutrition, let’s take a look at the nutritional values provided by Hairfluence vs Sugar Bear Hair. While all vitamins and minerals are needed for normal bodily functions, there is one particular vitamin that is believed to be highly beneficial for hair health, biotin. It is important for both existing hair and new hair growth, and for preventing hair loss and breakage.

Each serving of Hairfluence contains 5000 mcg biotin. This is a very good amount. It is also supported with 400 mg MSM, 400 mg collagen hydrolysate, 50 mg hydrolyzed keratin, and 20 mg bamboo extract containing 70% silica. The company claims that, by combining biotin with those nutrients in the right amounts, they can greatly enhance the potency and effectiveness of the supplement.

Each serving of Sugar Bear Hair also contains 5000 mcg biotin. In addition, there are 40 mcg choline, 40 mcg inositol, 2.7 mg zinc, and 42 mcg iodine. Among the minerals, zinc is one that can help to promote hair strength and health to prevent breakage. The other vitamins are not directly related to hair health although insufficient vitamins may eventually cause some hair problems.

How to Take
Hairfluence should be taken one serving per day for at least 30 days to give noticeable results. One serving consists of two capsules. Note that the capsules are supposed to be swallowed whole. You need to take the capsules with enough water to avoid choking. However, it may be still difficult to take for some people. If you are unable to swallow pills or capsules, then this supplement may be a bit challenging to take.

Sugar Bear Hair is also recommended to be taken one serving per day. Each serving consists of two gummies. However, unlike Hairfluence, Sugar Bear Hair comes in chewable gummies. This is why it uses ingredients to enhance the flavor. Sugar Bear Hair is awesome for people who can’t swallow pills or capsules. You can just chew the gummies. They are much easier to take.

Both Hairfluence vs Sugar Bear Hair have received mostly positive reviews. They are effective for promoting hair health and hair growth because of the high biotin levels. However, Hairfluence is potentially more powerful because Hairfluence is not just a bunch of vitamins and minerals. The ingredients specifically target hair health and hair growth. Many users have given high ratings because Hairfluence give noticeable results.

Sugar Bear Hair is also a good supplement, with the same amount of biotin, but the ingredients don’t specifically target hair. It is more of a pack of vitamins and minerals. It is still good for your hair and overall wellbeing, but it is not as potent as Hairfluence for promoting hair health and hair growth.

Possible Side Effects
Usually, Hairfluence and Sugar Bear Hair don’t cause side effects. However, some users have reported that these supplements cause acne breakouts. This is because of the sudden increase of biotin intake. In order to reduce this problem, you should drink more water.

Also, these supplements normally don’t cause allergy, but you still have to check the ingredients carefully to make sure that you are not allergic to any of those. If you experience headaches, stomach upsets, rash, itchiness, or breathing difficulty after taking the supplement, you should stop the consumption immediately. When you experience breathing difficulty, you should seek medical help to avoid dangerous allergy reactions.

Hairfluence Vs Sugar Bear

NameHairfluenceSugar Bear
Key Features- HEALTHY, FAST-GROWING, GREAT-LOOKING HAIR - Want healthier, fuller, faster-growing, great-looking hair? WHO DOESN'T? Most of us think that achieving the hair we've always wanted will take countless expensive creams, shampoos, harsh chemical treatments, and way too much time! With Hairfluence, you'll never have to worry about the ingredients. Simply follow the instructions and be consistent- you'll be glad you did!- We designed our vitamins for those who were looking for easy to eat vitamins without the struggle of swallowing pills. - This vegetarian formula is based off of clinical trials that have shown these ingredients to help improve hair health - Nourish your hair from within with our cruelty free gummy bear hair vitamins
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Both supplements contain good vitamins and minerals. They have similar amounts of biotin. However, Hairfluence is generally more recommended because it has ingredients that specifically target hair health and hair growth. The combination of biotin and these ingredients greatly increase the potency and effectiveness. When taking this supplement, make sure to drink enough water so that you can swallow the capsules easily.

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