Graft vs Host Disease

There are health problems and diseases that are not common or popular; the minimal information may cause misunderstanding or confusion. One of the terms related to health problem is the Graft vs Host disease or the GVHD that practically is a medical term about a disease rather than the comparison of two diseases. It is a disease in the form of complication after the allogeneic tissue transplantation.

Graft vs Host Disease

The disease or health problem is practically caused by the rejection of the immune system. It is one of the common complications after the marrow bone or stem cell transplantation that commonly transplanted as tissue graft. The white blood cells or the immune system from the tissue graft recognize the host or the transplantation recipient as foreign and trigger the attack of the immune system.

The GVHD also possible after the blood transfusion procedure; the condition is usually happened when the blood product is not irradiated yet. There are three criteria that can trigger the GVHD complication; the first is the administration of immuno competent graft that usually contains functional and also viable immune cells. The second is the histo incompatible or immunology disparate recipient for the transplantation procedure. The third is the inability to deactivate the transplanted cells or the immuno compromised case on the recipient.

Graft vs Host Disease

NameGraft DiseaseHost disease
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The transplantation of bone marrow that the GVHD cases mostly happened is one of the most common part of treating cancer as well as leukemia. The GVHD is usually started when the T cells from the transplanted graft attack the tissues of the transplantation recipient after the tissues are perceived as foreign antigen. The T cells may present as contaminant or introduced to the host in purpose or intentionally. There are various host antigens that can trigger the GVHD cases; the HLAs or the human leukocyte antigens are among the most common antigens to trigger the GVHD.

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