Gillette Venus IPL Vs Philips Lumea

Do you want to know the differences between Gillette Venus IPL and Phillips Lumea? Do you want to know which model holds the better value between Gillette Venus IPL and Phillips Lumea? Do not worry, my friend! A lot of people have wondered about the same questions before. Gillette Venus IPL and Phillips Lumea are both hair removal system devices that rely on the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. However, Gillette Venus IPL is more expensive than Phillips Lumea. As the price gap often extends to about a hundred and fifty bucks, choosing between these products can be immensely confusing. Below, you can read about each model so that you can finally conclude which model that you should choose.

Gillette Venus IPL Vs Philips Lumea

Gillette Venus IPL
Inspired by professional salons, Gillette Venus IPL claims to bring the safest and the fastest IPL technology into the deal. It has been clinically tested for permanent hair reduction results, and it proudly shows the proof on its website and pages. It uses the IPL technology, with the unique SensoAdapt skin tone sensor that can automatically ensure the right light intensity for your skin tone. Therefore, you do not need to worry about making wrong adjustments or the device getting too strong or too weak. This smart feature is very handy and convenient. Treatments will be safe and superbly effective. With the smart feature as well, you can have very quick but effective treatments. You can treat a leg or an arm in just 8 minutes without compromising effectiveness. Noticeable results can be achieved in only 3 months, and hair reduction will last even after 12 months since the last treatment. Even though quite pricey, Gillette Venus IPL boasts that it has no hidden cost for gels or replacement cartridges. It does not require you to wear safety glasses.

Philips Lumea
Philips Lumea is quite considerably cheaper than Gillette Venus IPL, yet it brings many similar features. It has five adjustable light energy settings for different skin types. It has a skin tone sensor that will immediately stop the device if the skin area is too dark for treatment. Philips Lumea claims to be able to provide 75% hair reduction in only 2 months or 4 treatments, and the results are also long-lasting. Like Gillette Venus IPL, Philips Lumea also has long-lasting components; the lamp can last for at least 4 years, so you don’t need to buy replacements any soon.

Gillette Venus IPL Vs Philips Lumea

NameGillette Venus IPLPhilips Lumea
Key Features- Inspired by professional salons, Venus Silk-expert Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is clinically tested for permanent hair reductionCD3028 study conducted 07/08/2013-11/14/2014 - The safest IPL-technology: the unique SensoAdapt skin tone sensor always ensures the right light intensity, for the safest, most effective treatment.- Provides up to 75% hair reduction after only 2 months or 4 treatments - Prevents hair regrowth providing long term hair reduction for long-lasting smoothness - 200,000 flashes for 4+ years of full body treatments, no replacement lamps needed - Developed with dermatologists and tested over 2,000 women
Ratings*4.5 out of 5.0 stars3.7 out of 5.0 stars

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While the two models have some similar features, Gillette Venus IPL seems to be able to deliver more effective results than Phillips Lumea. The SensoAdapt skin tone sensor is also a very powerful feature that brings a lot of convenience in usage. Phillips Lumea’s sensor only detects and stops the device if the skin is too dark, but does not perform any automatic adjustments. Therefore, you should choose Gillette Venus IPL!

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