Gillette Fusion Vs Proglide

Shaving, maybe it looks like a great challenge for the most men. It can be painful and frustrating. To reduce the pain and cut the hair well, some people look for the electric razor. But it not always helpful. Beside it, the price is so expensive too. In this situation, Gillette tries to offer the attractive solution. With Gillette Fusion and Gillette Proglide, this razor producer give you another choice to cut your mustache or the bread with comfort. And to find the best choice, you can take a look to the comparison between Gillette Fusion VS Proglide.

Gillette Fusion Vs Proglide 2

Gillette Fusion and Gillette Proglide are the same actually. Both of them are the family of Gillette Fusion. This is why the design looks so similar. The difference is just located at the body contour. They also equipped with 5 blades to give the precise shave. With flexible comfort guard, both of them can follow the contour of the face. It improves the comfort and helps you to reduce the irritation.

Gillette Fusion Vs Proglide

As a pro series, Gillette Proglide also available in two types. Those are the manual and the power. In the original Gillette Fusion, you will never find it. The difference between Gillette Proglide manual and power is located at the vibration. In the power version, there is a vibration that allows you to reduce friction and improve the razor glide.

Gillette Fusion Vs Proglide 1

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Considering about the feature, it looks nothing to compare. Both of them are similar. Gillette Fusion and Gillette Proglide also equipped with the same blade. But considering about the popularity, Gillette Proglide looks better. Maybe this is because of the razor design. But if you choose it based on the functionality, Gillette Fusion is the better choice. Beside it, it sold with the cheaper price too.

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