Garmin Edge 500 vs 800

Do you like cycling? Have you prepare all stuff that helps you while riding bicycle? How about such enabled cycling computer which can show you the map as a GPS, show your heart rate and your speed for example?  So far, Garmin becomes one popular company that successfully produces such GPS. It offers many types of products which provide different services based on your needs. For your information, the latest version which is offered by Garmin are Garmin edge 500 and 800. So, what do you prefer? Fortunately, I will give you a few reviews about Garmin Edge 500 vs 800.

Garmin Edge 500 vs 800

Garmin edge 500 is usually called GPS for the mid level. What are the reasons? Actually, Garmin edge 500 is a GPS which has small shape, about 0.9 x 1.9 x 2.7 inches, has 1.68 inches for its display size and the total weight is 2.1 ounces. The battery is using 1 Lithium ion that can be used for 18 hours. Garmin edge 500 can help you to show your track, distance, speed, location, elevation and also including heart rate, calorie burned and more.

Garmin edge 800 is produced in 2010 with its more modern features for the rider. Actually, this type has bigger shape than the 500 one. The screen is also wider so the rider will feel easy and comfortable to use it. The touch screen system also gives you another ease. Generally, the services provided are similar with the previous version. However, its battery life is shorter than type 500. Also, the price of Garmin edge 800 can be higher about $200 than Garmin edge 500.

Garmin Edge 500 vs 800

NameGarmin Edge 500Garmin Edge 800
Key Features- High-sensitivity GPS receiver. - Easy-to-read display. - Barometric altimeter - for precise climb and descent data. - Battery life - up to 18 hours. - Sleek, lightweight design- High-sensitivity receiver - Barometric altimeter - Touchscreen & simple to use interface
Ratings*4.4 out of 5.0 stars3.7 out of 5.0 stars

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In brief, both GPS types of Garmin have different advantage and disadvantage for each product. As a wise customer you should decide to choose them based on your needs. The Garmin edge 800 is more modern and easier to use. One of its appeals is its wide-touch screen. However, the price is too expensive. Personally, I am not willing to spend so much money so I will choose the Garmin edge 500. You will get a cheaper price with similar services like the 800 version has, indeed.


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