Discovering the Health Benefits of Quinoa

Quinoa is a species of goosefoot which is also known as a part of grain family. Quinoa is a typical grain which does not grow in random areas. South American countries, especially Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, are the major countries producing quinoa until nowadays. Since many years ago, quinoa does not only take as food but also as health treatment. There are plenty health benefits presented by quinoa. For you who have not known what quinoa is and what the health benefits of it, please read the following.

Health Benefits of Quinoa

What Is Quinoa?
Quinoa is different from the major family members of grain. Quinoa does not come from grass family like wheat. Quinoa is quite easy to identify because it comes in the form of seeds rather than cereal. Unlike the major grains, quinoa is claimed having higher protein content. Besides, quinoa is also considered providing complete protein better than any major grains, such as wheat. Quinoa has chewy texture and nutty taste after it is cooked. To cooked quinoa is quite simple. You can cook it alone with water or add some vegetables in it. Quinoa can be cooked as soup or porridge. Besides, it can also be cooked and eaten just like what you can do with grains.

What Are the Health Benefits of Quinoa?
As a high protein grain, quinoa delivers various health benefits for people. A hundred years ago, people used to taking quinoa as a treatment to lowering cholesterol level. Since quinoa contains minerals and multivitamins, this grain can be used to treat patients with high cholesterol level. Besides, quinoa is also considered as a good source of calcium. Regarding that, people can take quinoa to maintain their teeth and bones much better than taking any artificial calcium. As a matter of fact, quinoa is included in the list of gluten-free nutrient which can be taken as gluten-free diet menu. Moreover, this kind of grain is claimed as a good source of minerals. Quinoa contains potassium, magnesium, and zinc which are good for muscle, nerve, blood pressure, and hearth. Since it is gluten-free and containing complete protein, quinoa can be eaten daily, either for breakfast or dinner.

Quinoa is not only a typical grain which is used as substitution food like the major grains. Quinoa delivers more health benefits compared to the other grain products. Furthermore, quinoa contains zero gluten but complete protein which makes this grain can be taken regularly by those who are suffering diabetes and high cholesterol level. On the other hand, due to its health benefits, quinoa can be eaten by people any ages, starting from kid to elderly.

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