DermMatch Vs Toppik

Choosing the right treatment for thinning hair and developing baldness is, more often than not, a living nightmare. The reason alone is already enough to damage your self-confidence. With a bunch of options available on the market, now you get a headache as well. Perhaps two hair treatment products that are among the most often ones to cause confusion are DermMatch and Toppik. They are available at similar prices, and they both function to treat your hair loss. Even so, you should hold yourself before making a hasty decision! DermMatch and Toppik function quite differently from each other, so, one may be more suitable for you than the other!

DermMatch Vs Toppik

DermMatch claims to outperform other hair fibers, sprays, and hair loss concealers on the market. It is able to give men and women the thickest, fullest looking hair ever, instantly. Making it even more convenient to use, it is water-resistant. Hence it will not be brushed off as you bath, swim, or sweat. It is also resistant to brushing to some degree, so that brushing the hair with your hands or to the pillow will not easily remove the coating as well. DermMatch works by giving your hair a special coating formula so that the hair will become thicker. It uses botanical and natural ingredients. DermMatch is available in eight colors, all combinable, and is usually able to combine with your real hair color quite naturally.

At the contrast, Toppik features hair-building fibers to improve the thickness of the hair. The fibers are made of keratin, and bind to the existing hair to give more volume and thickness. Keratin is the same material that constructs your hair. Hence, you may feel Toppik be more natural when worn. Also, Toppik is available in nine colors that are combinable to match your hair color more perfectly. However, even though it claims to be resistant to wind, rain, and perspiration, it is not as durable. It requires the fiberhold spray to help the product stick better to the hair.

DermMatch Vs Toppik

Key Features- Gives men and women the thickest, fullest looking hair on Earth. - Outperforms hair fibers, sprays and all other hair loss concealers. - It looks better, stays on better, applies neater and costs you less to use. - Botanical ingredients lift and assist growing hairs for spectacular fullness. - Water-resistant formula allows you to swim, sweat and brush your hair anytime.- Made of natural, colored Keratin protein that is statically charged, TOPPIK Fibers intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look - TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers instantly give you the look of thicker, fuller hair - TOPPIK resists wind, rain, and perspiration but removes easily with shampoo
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As you can see, DermMatch and Toppik use different ingredients. DermMatch claims to use botanical ingredients and is very durable, while Toppik utilizes keratin fibers and may require the fiberhold spray for maximum durability. Each of them has a variety of combinable color choices and a lot of positive reviews, so you can’t go terribly wrong with either of them. However, for the most convenience, or if you don’t like keratin-based treatments, DermMatch is the way to go.

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