Conair Infiniti Pro Styler vs Instyler

Conair infiniti pro styler straightens the hair with a tourmaline ionic plate which reduces frizz thus protecting the hair`s natural lustre.Its plates ensures that there is a contact with the hair so that to straighten it in faster and efficient way. It reduces the dangerous hot spots drastically. Though it uses infrared energy to protect the lustre of the hair it does not compromise your hair. It provides heat for 30 minutes instantly.

Conair Infiniti Pro Styler vs Instyler

Instyler is unlike the other straightening tolls as it is heated by a rotating polishing cylinder. It is designed in a way to bring about the best rotating curls and brush to make your hair to be styled and straightened at the same time. The instyler works with first set of bristles thus separating the strands of the hair, then polishing cylinders glides over the hair thus polishing it.

*Conair inifiniti pro styler heats for thirty seconds with an instant heat while the instyler heats also for thirty seconds but with a rapid heat.
*The Conair pro styler can heat up to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit with a variable heat setting while the instyler has a different hair setting for course, medium and fine hair. The high, medium and low heat setting have a temperature of four hundred and ten Fahrenheit.
*The Conair pro styler has got tourmaline ionic ceramic that ensures that the frizz is reduced and the static is eliminated, while the instyler comes with a heating guard which can be used for the extra protection.
*The Conair pro styler has no information about its power rating while the instyler is rated with 120 volts, 50 watts and 60 Hertz.
*The bristles of the Conair pro styler are anti static so as to ensure smooth use while the instyler`s bristles are nylon resistant.
*The Conair pro styler is made in china while the instyler is made in the United States of America
*Both have got 1 ¼ barrel size.

Conair Infiniti Pro Styler vs Instyler

The instyler does not come with a stand so as to be handled all the entire time unlike the Conair pro styler.The instyler also works well for the individuals who only have curl and bushy hair thus it does not work well for others with the short hair.

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