Comparing Sonicare Toothbrushed Product

Electric toothbrushes have various types and models. Finding the best one for you will be easy by comparing them and pick the one that suit your needs. Having many features do not mean it will be effective for you. To pick the best electric toothbrush for yourself, you should know about your dental situation, whether you have dental problems or not. With knowing all of the dental issues in the mouth, we can choose the best toothbrush carefully. Sometimes, it is best to let the dental experts make their recommendation. The products from Sonicare have many electric toothbrush models with their effectiveness to keep the oral hygiene. You should compare sonicare toothbrushes if you are going to buy one. REad this : Philips Sonicare vs Oral-B Electric Toothbrush.

Comparing Sonicare Toothbrushed Product

When compare sonicare toothbrushes, you should know that Sonicare have various models. The models from Sonicare include Diamond Clean (rechargeable and with several various types), Flex Care Platinum (rechargeable and have two various types), Flex Care+ (rechargeable), Healthy White (rechargeable), Essence (rechargeable and have several various types), Power Up (with battery), and for Kids. All the models have their own specialty and features. All of them have easy start program with two minutes timer brushing time, the battery that last up to three weeks, dynamic cleaning and sensitive mode if you have sensitive teeth condition, and can improve the gum health in two weeks. Diamond Clean model helps you to remove away the plaque faster more than manual toothbrush, while Flex Care Platinum model has the pressure sensor to prevent putting too much pressure that can damage the teeth.

Diamond Clean models have five brushing modes, as well as Flex Care+. They can speed up to 31.000 brush strokes per minute and clean your teeth with careful and rapid moving. Healthy White and Flex Care models have three brushing modes. Flex Care and Flex Care+ models is equipped with UV sanitizer that accommodate two brush heads. Diamond Clean has the highest price between all of the models, followed by Flex Care Platinum and Flex Care+. The best feature from Sonicare products is they have electric toothbrush that designed for kids. It has KidTimer and KidPacer to let the kids brush well within the recommended time. All of the models have two years warranty that you can use if you receive damaged products. Now you’ve done compare sonicare toothbrushes, all you have to do is choosing them based on the features and the prices.

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