Chia Seeds vs Flax Seeds

While the rival flaxseeds are famous for their super nutritional status, the chia seeds are best known for their function in hair-growing potted plants. However, both are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, fiber and antioxidants. For you to be able to utilize their nutritional benefits to the best, its important to clearly understand their dietary benefits of the seeds. This will also help you determine on which seed to use.

Chia Seeds vs Flax Seeds

Features of the Chia seed:

Its produced by the salvia plant. 1 Oz of chia seeds contains: 4g-protein, 9g-fat and 137 calories. More so, it provides calcium, 27% of RDA for phosphorus and 30%- manganese. Manganese acts as an antioxidant while phosphorus plays an important role in cell membrane development and hence tissue health.

Features of Flax seed:

Flaxseeds contain a very high content of omega-3 fat content, a fatty acid which healthy for the heart. 1Oz contains 150 calories, 12g-fat, 8g-carbohydrates and 5g-protein, a nutritional content which is relatively higher than that of chia seeds. However, it has a lower calcium composition, 7%- RDA and 18% RDA for phosphorus. However, it contains 9%-RDA for iron which is absent in chia, 31% of RDA for thiamin, 27%-magnesium are vital for bone health, copper and thiamin supports metabolism.

Chia Seeds vs Flax Seeds
Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain functioning and also reducing heart disease development risk. The soluble fiber contained in chia seeds plays an important role in cholesterol-level-lowering. When mixed with water, chia seeds forms a gel making them a treasure for diabetics. This is because it surrounds carbohydrates and shields them during digestion hence lowering their rate of release into the bloodstream. This lowers blood sugar level. This quality also leaves a long full-effect in the stomach which assists dieters to stick to low-calorie diet. For flaxseeds to release nutrients they must be ground but chia seeds don’t. Flax seeds lower cholesterol and blood pressure and also help heart-attack suffers while chia seeds help in hydration hence helpful for athletes.

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