Castor Oil vs Black Castor Oil For Hair

Hair is one of the most essential parts of human body. Healthy and glowing hair is what most people desire to have. However, due to various factors many people tend to have many problems related to their hair. Considering that, why not picking any natural treatment to solve your hair problems? There are a lot of hair treatments you can use. One of the bests is using oil made of castor seeds. As a matter of fact, there are two different types of oil made of castor seeds which can be used to treat your hair and scalp to get rid of any hair problems. They are castor oil and black castor oil. So, which one is better among both of them?

Castor Oil vs Black Castor Oil For Hair

Castor Oil
Castor oil is typical oil made of cold pressed castor seeds. This kind of oil comes in pale yellow color. Some of this oil may have no flavor and odor, but some may have. It depends on the filtering process of making it. You know, castor oil is one of the most used natural treatments since hundreds years ago. This kind of oil contains various types of acid which can be very useful for human body. One benefit of castor oil human being ever used is as hair treatment. Castor oil can stimulate hair growth effectively. Further, this kind of natural oil can avoid hair loss and prevent dandruff. On the other hand, castor oil is also used to treat the scalp regularly.

Black Castor Oil
Black castor oil is another variant of castor oil. This kind of oil is made of filtrated cold pressed castor seeds. This one is also considered as virgin castor oil. Mostly, black castor oil is developed in Jamaica so that it is also known as Jamaican black castor oil. Since black castor oil is made of virgin castor seeds it may deliver better benefits for human being. Black castor oil is the best hair treatment you can use daily. This kind of oil can effectively prevent hair loss and dandruff only by less than a month usage. Besides, black castor oil can stimulate hair growth faster than just castor oil. Furthermore, black castor oil can also be used to enhance the texture of your hair, get rid of damaged hair, and protect hair from damaging heat coming from sunlight and flat iron.

By comparing castor oil to black castor oil, we hope you can draw a useful conclusion that both castor oil and black castor oil can effectively treat the hair and scalp. In fact, according to the effectiveness, black castor oil is considered a better hair treatment since it is made of filtrated cold pressed castor seeds. However, this black one is also more expensive than the regular one. So, have you decided which one you are going to use to treat your hair later on?

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