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While doing much activities, we are also prone to pain and light injury because we never know what we will encounter while working. To help people dealing with light pain due to bruise or tiredness, Blue Emu vs Emuaid are here to offer you their benefit. Coming with the same beneficial ingredient and form, they may be different as well due to made by different company. If you are also planning to get one of them, go check our article below to see which product suit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a pain reliever solution
– What are Blue Emu and Emuaid
– What Blue Emu and Emuaid are used for
– What Blue Emu and Emuaid are made with
– What Blue Emu and Emuaid can offer to you
– How to Apply Blue Emu and Emuaid
– Blue Emu vs Emuaid

Homeopathy Pain Reliever
Being active is fun and all but it also mean we are more prone to injury which will cause pain or uncomfortable feeling since we never know what will happen in the future even when we already careful enough. This light pain due to accident may not dangerous but they are certainly uncomfortable and will hinder our life if not dealt quickly. However, depend on the person itself, some of us may prefer to let it that way because they can handle the pain already.

Pain is one of the most common issue people are always looking for the solution because we don’t like pain and it will decrease our productivity for the day or affect one’s appearance especially for bruises. For light pain, we used to consume painkiller both those from doctor’s prescription or similar medication we can get over the counter but beside the common solution, we also have what called as homeopathy which is seen as a more natural form of solution for many health issues.

We are sure most people are already familiar with the term or ever used one of the medication before because of how popular the system is. It is created by Samuel Hahnemann and the base of this system is “like cures like” which mean something that brings on symptoms on healthy person will treat an illness in similar way but with a very small dose of the active ingredient and it is used to naturally trigger body’s defense so it can cure itself.

Homeopathy system has been widely practiced and it can deal with many some health issues such as allergies, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, and premenstrual syndrome but can also be used to handle minor issues like bruise, scrapes, headache, toothache, nausea, and colds. Since they are based on more natural ingredient or source, people are feeling safer when using them and with the raising health concern, it seems that more user begin to get attracted to their system and medicine.

Since pain is something we can experience anytime, we need to have at least one solution at home for a quick treatment when experiencing such issue and since most of them are available on nearby drug store, we can pick any type that suit our need or preference the most whether you like to consume them or only apply it on skin and affected area.

About Blue Emu and Emuaid
For light pain treatment, we have many options and if you are interested on using the homeopathy version, we do recommend you to use the one that based on natural and proven ingredient with certain ability to ease the uncomfortable feeling. If you often experience body pain and need a quick relieve without having to deal with re applying any cream or ointment, oral solution can do a good work such as Boiron Arcana 30C vs 30X with their Arcana Montana plant.

Since not all of us are fond of drinking medicine whether because of the taste or just don’t like putting something in their body, topical treatment is a good alternative to use when the pain or issue is concentrated on certain area such as joint pain or bruise due to light accident and scraps. There are a great amount of ointment or any type of topical treatment out there but if you need the one based on natural product, the Emu oil-based solution like Blue Emu and Emuaid are two nice brands to pick.

Blue Emu is a brand that offer emu oil-based products and they are among the most popular here in the U.S even though the star animal ingredient is not natively living here. They have many on the collection from those made for children and if you are looking for an oral medication, this brand unfortunately don’t have the version similar like Emuaid. This brand is also well-known but if the first is for pain, this one is more like the solution for everything.

Blue Emu and Emuaid Purpose
Emuaid is claimed as a homeopathic treatment and the one we pick today is the regular strength version which is engineered to have antibacterial, antifungal as well as reducing pain and inflammation ability. It is also claimed to be working for symptoms of more than a hundred difficult to treat skin conditions so basically they can treat almost anything. The cream from Blue Emu we pick today is their original version and it is used to help user treat muscle pain, joint pain, rashes, burns and bites.

Blue Emu and Emuaid Ingredient
Just like the name, the star ingredient of these topical solutions is emu oil and for those who are not familiar with the name yet, this ingredient is actually derived from animal which is emu bird or scientifically called as Dromaius novaehollandiae. It is natively living in Australia but due the popularity of its benefit including the nutritious meat, the bird is began to be raised outside the country and can be found in many others. The oil we talked is taken from the deposit below the bird skin.

It has a bright yellow color when not mixed with anything and like any oil, it is actually a fat. Once the fat is gathered or collected, they are passing through filters and processes until the pure oil is produced but, there are different types of emu oil depend on the level of filtration as well as the processing. In addition to this ingredient, there are also aloe vera and glycerin to help enhancing the skin where the cream is spread but when checking the list, Emuaid active ingredient is actually pure colloidal silver instead of the emu oil.

Blue Emu and Emuaid Benefit
When talking about emu oil, the most prominent benefit and what we often heard is the anti-inflammatory property and beside this one, the oil also have antioxidant properties. A review posted to the journal Nutrition, researchers have found that the potential anti-inflammatory in the oil which can be used to treat ear inflammation, inflammation bowel syndrome, and arthritis. Besides dealing with some uncomfortable pain, this oil is stimulating the skin to help increase the number of healthy cell.

This is why some people also use them as a beauty product because when applied topically, it may help reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles and rejuvenate aging or sun-damaged skin. The oil often recommended to be used in skin condition treatments like wounds, seborrheic dermatitis and can even used to help alopecia, hyperpigmentation and shingles. For those who plan to use the cream to heal wound, emu oil is beneficial as a painkiller and the antioxidant as well as its ability to reach deep into skin will support healing process of small wounds, cuts, bruises or burns.

As it has been mentioned above, Emuaid active ingredient is colloidal silver and while there is no known function of this mineral in the body and not included as the essential mineral supplement. Its function is mainly kill certain germs because the mineral is capable of binding to and destroying proteins. In addition to those ingredients, both of Blue Emu and Emuaid are also made with other ingredient on the list including aloe vera and glycerin which common on topical cream or product because they are moisturizing and help in skin repairing process.

Applying Blue Emu and Emuaid
Unlike when consuming something or putting tablet and capsule and pill into our body, using topical treatment usually don’t require much attention to consider. Both of these solution should be applied on the affected area and preferably after cleaning by taking some of the cream and put a thin layer on skin. We are recommended to re apply them about 3 times a day and can be continuously used as needed or until the problem is solved. These solutions are also suitable for both adults and children to use.

Now, let’s compare Blue Emu with Emuaid. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of these similar solution is the active ingredient and main function because when checked on the ingredient, Emuaid is more like a topical antiseptic while Blue Emu is a pain reliever. They have some similar ingredient but with different focus with Emuaid being the more versatile option especially for infection issues.

Blue Emu vs Emuaid

- Soothes Joints and Muscles
- Odor Free & Non-Greasy
- Value Size
- America's #1 Emu Oil Formula
- Kills fungus, bacteria, and mold on contact. Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in less than 1 minute.
- Natural, soothing, and effective ointment for 100+ itchy and painful skin conditions.
- Unique delivery system that helps carry powerful healing ingredients deep into your nails and skin.
- Calms pain, infection and inflammation for 100+ resistant and difficult skin conditions.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need since the issue we are dealing will not always the same. The Emuaid is a versatile solution for infections and very useful to have around the house but if what you are looking for is something to relieve pain, we do recommend you to get the original cream from Blue Emu.

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