Black Beans Vs Pinto Beans

The bean is indeed known as a good snack for those who are undergoing a diet for losing weight. But, it turns out that not all types of beans are suitable as a snack for a diet. Because, there are several types of beans that were already mixed with sugar, flour or salt. However, you do not need to worry because we will summarize, compare, and make a review of the best beans to 2 diet solutions you onward. They are called beans Black Beans vs. Pinto Beans. How can it help me play a role in your body? Who will be the best? Check out this article.

black beans vs pinto beans

Black Beans
Black Bean is one of the types of beans that are simple and healthy. Black beans have a scientific name Phaseolus vulgaris. Black beans is a popular food among vegetarians. Generally they consume black beans along with brown rice, to get a healthy carbs and protein. Black beans contain many beanrients that are good for our health. Black beans are rich in fiber and protein. Black beans also contain vitamin A, as well as essential minerals, such as iron, calcium and manganese as well. In addition black beans are also rich in anthocyanin flavonoids, compounds as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Even black beans also includes greeting one natural source of folic acid. With so much beanrients contained in black beans, then there will be so many benefits we can get from consuming black beans, such as maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system, prevent cancer, health system digestion, and maintain the stability of blood sugar. As well as the fact there are still many other benefits that are very beneficial for our body.

Pinto Beans
Pinto beans or it could be called a bean is spotted is one of those foods that are often encountered on the cuisine in the country of Mexico. Pinto beans are scientifically called Phaseolus vulgaris. Generally bean pinto has a base color of beige, with reddish-brown blotches. When boiled color reddish brown disappears and turns into pink. Pinto beans can be used as a substitute for a healthy snack cake sweet because very dense will essential beanrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein-rich. Like other beans, beans Pinto has benefits for our body especially in lowering cholesterol and become a vegetable source of protein for the sake of the health of the heart. Not only that, bean Pinto can weight control because it is rich in fiber so that when we consume will be felt quickly full. More importantly, if you really care about the health of the heart, beans Pinto can improve your cardiovascular system due to the abundant content of beanrients. Unfortunately, the process of canning may reduce some of the beanrients contained in bean pinto. Canned pinto beans experienced a decrease in the level of iron, magnesium and potassium. They also have four times less thiamine and riboflavin than boiled pinto beans.

Black Beans Vs Pinto Beans

NameBlack BeansPinto Beans
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For the conclusion of Black Beans vs Pinto Beans, who are the winner when it comes to beanrition? If we see in the side-by-side, Pinto beans come out slightly ahead. They are also slightly ahead on quite vitamins and minerals, but it’s their high level of vitamin B6 that can put them ahead of black beans. On the other hand, when it comes to Black or Pinto beans, you can not lose for sure. Both are great sources of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. So you can choose whichever you like best in your next burrito bowl, then ask for a little bit of each.

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