Basic Care vs Rogaine

None of us want to experience balding at such a young age because it will reduce our confidence and sometimes even becomes a very frustrating issue to deal with. If your hair thinning is not severe yet, we may still be able to fix the problem with Basic Care Vs Rogaine which are designed to help both men and women who are battling with hair loss issue due to various causes. If you are also considering these solutions, see whether they are just the same or not below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What Cause Hair Loss
– How to Treat Hair Loss
– What are Basic Care and Rogaine
– What are the Active Ingredient in Basic Care and Rogaine
– How Basic Care and Rogaine Work
– How to Apply Basic Care and Rogaine
– Basic Care Vs Rogaine

Hair Loss Causes
Everybody wants to look good and by being good looking means appear attractive from other perspective. While what looks good or not is highly depending on each individual, we are sure that most of us agree that having a thick, healthy, and shiny hair is one of the best traits one can have on their feature similar to those long and curled eyelashes. However it is unfortunate that many of us are experiencing hair problem that caused them to continuously fall and can end up balding our scalp.

Hair loss is probably one of the biggest reasons why hair products are so many out there starting from the daily care system to expensive supplements and implant surgery that can cost some of us an arm and a leg. Taken from MayoClinic, hair loss has quite a few causes and the most common being hereditary which called male or female pattern baldness that will happens as one’s age with a predictable pattern. In men it usually seen like receding hairline or bald spots while females gradually lose the hair all over the scalp.

The next common cause of hair loss is hormonal or a change in medical conditions are often happening once a woman is experiencing something like pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause, or having thyroid problems. Medical conditions like alopecia areata that can be seen with patchy hair loss or scalp infections. Another cause is medication thus, those who take cancer, arthritis, depression or heart problem drugs may experience hair loss during the medication but it is usually contemporary.

Hair Loss Diagnosis and Treatment
Hair loss can be a minor issue or serious depending on how you feel about it because not all of us will see the same thing equally so if yours is severe, we do recommend to see a professional to address the problem more accurately. Your doctor then will do some examination by checking the scalp doing some pull test, scalp biopsy by plucking a few hairs from the scalp to look at the roots, light microscopy, or even blood test in case you have a medical condition.

As for the treatment, usually they will prescribed us with some mediation both oral and topical especially if there is scalp infection that may cause the hair loss issue. Some might be vitamins to enriched your diets and nourish the body but our focus is on the drug itself and today we are mostly given Minoxidil or Finasteride especially for male patient. Male also have another drug called dutasteride while female patient can take oral contraceptives and spironolactone to help the hair from continuously fall.

About Basic Care and Rogaine
Some of those hair loss drugs are only allowed to be purchased when you have a prescription from your doctor because they may cause quite serious side effects but, there is one that you can get without one and it is Minoxidil. We are sure anyone who have been battling with hair loss know this drug because it is the most popular solution to help people prevent hair loss; we even see men try to treat their facial hair with this drug.

It is popular not only because we don’t need prescription to get one but also because it is safe for both men and women as well as quite effective. Just like many other popular things, it will be destined to be offered by so many brands and some of you might consider two or more brands to try but, before we move further, as long as they are using the same concentration, there should be no difference in efficacy.

Talking about Minoxidil brands, Basic Care and Rogaine are probably two of the most well-known in the market with their huge popularity compared to let’s say generic brands. They are offering this drug for anyone who are experiencing hair loss and as it has been mentioned earlier, despite the different names and all, as long as they are using the same active ingredient, in the same amount or consistency, the benefit should be the same as well. As for Rogaine, they are called Regaine as well in the UK.

Basic Care itself has lots of products in their collection as a medicine brand that solely selling their products on Amazon and they are also carrying Minoxidil in the collection. In comparison to Rogaine, this brand is more like the generic version of this drug thanks to its affordable price which is surely very attractive for many of us. Based on the same drug, they are promising to revitalize hair follicles to stimulate hair regrowth thus, the balding progress can be stopped at an early stage.

Basic Care and Rogaine Forms
Minoxidil is a topical drug so we are going to apply them on the scalp and it has to be done routinely if you want an effective result as well as a real progress on the medication process. Basic Care and Rogaine are offering their Minoxidil solution in both liquid and foam type to ease the users to choose which consistency they prefer better. We personally like the foam because it is much easier and faster to apply with little control.

The sample we are using on the picture above are liquid version of Basic Care and foam version of Rogaine but they are coming in the same consistency which is 5%. These blue box are made for men to use only because of the mentioned active ingredient but for female users, they also have the suitable solution with more diluter and surprisingly, they are packed in the same purple box; both also available in liquid and foam form. Read also: Aleve Vs Motrin here.

Basic Care and Rogaine Ingredient
As all of us know, the active ingredient in Basic Care and Rogaine is Minoxidil and this drug is one of the most, if not the most popular hair loss solution that can be used by almost anyone both men and women. But, not many of us know that this drug was initially not being made for the issue because in the past, it is actually an oral drug and given to patients with high blood pressure since it relaxes blood vessels or working as vasodilator.

Similar to how Finasteride is now used as a hair loss drug, Minoxidil was also found to be having a side effects on patient and it is by growing hairs but it was first happening in unexpected places like cheeks or back of a hand.

Companies then take the chance to do further research and they also see a good benefits by applying this drug topically and long story short, now we have it available at drug stores to treat almost any type of hair loss.

Basic Care and Rogaine are using the same drug with the same consistency at 5% for men in liquid and foam form but the women version of their solution especially the liquid form is only 2% because apparently FDA only approve this level for used by female patient.

Basic Care and Rogaine Efficacy
When it comes to efficacy, we will not going to have them being prescribed by professionals if they are not working but the actual way of how Minoxidil work in people with hair loss issue is still not very clear. One idea is because it is a vasodilator which makes the drug able to work by partially enlarging hair follicles and elongating the growth phase of hair. In short, with more active hair follicles in their growth phase, the more hair will grow on your scalp as well.

However, it is not a miracle drug because not all people in all stages of balding will get the benefit of applying one since it only works to a certain extent and it is clearly not on severe stage when you are already lose most of the hairline.

Applying Basic Care and Rogaine
Just like many other hair or scalp treatment, Minoxidil solution from Basic Care and Rogaine are also applied in the same manner by starting with dry or damp wet and then part the hair in a few rows to help spreading the drug. If it is liquid, use the provided applicator to spread the solution and if it is foam put one pump on palm then spread on the scalp. They are equally recommended to be applied twice a day morning and night for the best result.

Basic Care and Rogaine are a good brand to check out for Minoxidil solution because they are putting the amount of drug specified at the box and many have been experiencing their benefits.

They will take months to actually give a prominent results which is why we have to use the solution everyday and since both brands are offering the same solution, we can just go with any of them for clinically there should not be any difference in efficacy.

Basic Care vs Rogaine

- Compare to Men's Rogaine Extra Strength active ingredient
- Reactivates hair follicles to stimulate regrowth
- #1 Dermatologist recommended active ingredient in the U.S. (source: AlphaImpactRx)
- 3-month supply of Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam hair growth treatment to help treat hair loss, maintain hair density and allow for the regrowth of fuller hair
- Formulated with 5% Minoxidil, our fast-working hair regrowth treatment works to boost hair follicle activity and hair protein production and is clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair
- Men's hair growth treatment also contains botanical extracts and emollient to help maintain a healthy, conditioned scalp, plus alphahydroxy acid (AHA) to promote natural skin exfoliation to help keep follicles open

There is no bad choice between them since as long as the ingredients stay the same, the benefit will stay the same as well. But, for those who want to save some, we do agree that Basic Care is wiser choice.

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