Andis T Outliner Vs Outliner 2

Andis is one of the most renowned manufacturers of quality hair care products. Their products are widely used by professional hair stylists and in barbershops. Now, you are probably confused in choosing between Andis T Outliner vs Outliner 2, which are two seemingly similar clippers. However, there are some important differences that make these clippers suitable for different purposes.

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– The design and handling of each clipper
– The motor that powers up each clipper
– The blades used by Andis T Outliner vs Outliner 2
– Whether these clippers get hot quickly or not
– Whether these clippers have good performance or not
– The suitable applications of each clipper
– Which model that is generally more recommended

Andis T Outliner and Andis Outliner 2 indeed look very similar to each other. It is because of the similarity that people often get confused between these two models. In fact, many beginners wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

Each model here comes with a gray casing, which is made from hard plastic. It feels quite sturdy and durable. Some people may prefer clippers with metallic casing, but those models obviously are more expensive. Do not worry, though, as both Andis T Outliner and Andis Outliner 2 are well-built. You can feel that the body is truly solid.

Each model here also has exactly the same dimensions. Each model measures 5.5 inches long and weighs about 0.70 lbs. These are standard-sized trimmers. So, if you have some prior experience with other standard-sized models, you will find that Andis T Outliner and Andis Outliner 2 feel familiar in your hands. (Have a look : Andis T Outliner Vs Wahl Detailer)

Another nice thing about Andis T Outliner and Andis Outliner 2 is the comfortable ergonomic design. The subtle curve and the embossed lines on the sides ensure that you have a solid handling. It ensures that your hand will never slip during a work. Both models are corded clippers, but with an 8-ft cord length, they give more than enough to allow free unrestricted movement regardless of whether you are a professional barber or a casual user.

Andis T Outliner and Andis Outliner 2 hair clippers are also armed with the same motor. It is a powerful high-speed magnetic motor which runs quietly. The motor can reach a speed of 7200 strokes per minute, which is impressive. With such power, these hair clippers can quickly shave down bunches of hair with good, clean results without much effort.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty hair clipper, Andis T Outliner and Andis Outliner 2 are both solid choices. The powerful motor should allow you to perform extensive trims without difficulties. This is why both of these two hair clippers are popularly used by barbers all around the world. Note that the motor operates with a voltage of 120V.

The primary difference between Andis T Outliner vs Outliner 2 is the blades. Although many beginners may be unable to spot the difference between these two models, an experienced barber or at least a careful observant may have spotted the difference in the blade design.

Andis T Outliner comes with a close-cutting carbon-steel T-blade. The item number for the T-Outliner blade is 04521. Somehow, Andis T Outliner is more popular in the market. This is probably because Andis T Outliner is one of the few hair clippers that are actually effective for detailing.

The T-blade is very sharp. You have to be careful when working with this blade. It is highly effective and efficient for detailing, but make sure that you don’t sink the blade’s teeth too deeply into the skin. Doing so will irritate or even cause a scratch on the skin.

Performing a zero-gap with the T-blade is especially challenging for beginners. While doing the adjustment by yourself is totally possible, an inexperienced user should just ask a professional barber to adjust the blade for them. You will need a few bucks, but it will give you the best results and is totally worth the money.

Andis Outliner 2, on the other hand, doesn’t have a T-blade at all. Instead, it is a square blade. It is smaller and narrower, while having slightly larger teeth. The item number for the Outliner II blade is 04604.

The square blade of Andis Outliner 2 is also quite sharp. It is less suitable for trimming long lines. However, the smaller and narrower design makes it much easier to navigate. It is less likely to nick your skin. Just like with Andis T Outliner, you should also adjust the blade of Andis Outliner 2 in order to get the best results. An inexperienced user can ask a professional barber to adjust the blade for them.

Suitable Applications
In general, both Andis T Outliner vs AndisOutiner 2 are suitable for similar purposes. You can use either hair clipper for outlining, fading, and dry shaving. However, their different blades make them excel in different fields.

Andis T Outliner is generally more versatile, but it also requires more skill to use. As mentioned above, the T-blade can be difficult to navigate. But the wide T-blade will allow you to trim more hair at once. It is also especially useful for detailing. It may be somewhat less suitable for dry shaving due to the very sharp blade.

Andis Outliner 2 is more suitable for beginners. The smaller square blade is easier to navigate, so you can easily trim around every curve and corner without nicking the skin. In addition, the smaller square blade is especially great for dry shaving.

In Use
The biggest advantage that both Andis T Outliner and Andis Outliner 2 offer is the impressively precise and close cut. As long as you don’t over-extend the zero gap and trim angle, you can easily make close cuts without causing bumps or red spots – even on sensitive skin. Their powerful motor is truly powerful. You can cut through any hair with ease.

When trimming the beard with either Andis T Outliner or Andis Outliner 2, you should consider using some pre-shave oil. It will significantly reduce the likelihood of the clipper irritating the skin. It will also give you an incredibly smooth and pleasing experience.

Perhaps the only weakness of these hair clippers is that they heat up pretty quickly. The heat buildup comes from the high-speed electromagnetic motor. It is not all that surprising, really, if we consider the high number of strokes per minute. Nevertheless, the solution is actually pretty easy.

The unit will start to feel warm after a continuous use of about 15 minutes. You just need to rest the clipper a little while to let it cool down. Otherwise, you can use a blade wash, such as Andi’s blade care disinfectant, to hasten the cooling.

For experienced users, Andis T Outliner is a better choice. It is more versatile. It is especially great for detailing. It is also great for trimming a high volume of hair quickly. You can use it for pretty much any other purpose. Just be careful with the blade, which is very sharp. However, for beginners and for dry shaving, Andis Outliner 2 is better due to being easier to navigate.

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