Andis Phat Master Hair Clipper Reviews

Andis phat master clipper is a specially designed device ideal for all-around hair styling as well as barbering. If the Master and FadeMaster are best for shorter cuts and fading, then the PhatMaster is made to cut longer hair lengths up to a #2 blade.

Andis Phat Master Hair Clipper Reviews

This clipper comes with a brand new phat blade that cuts higher on the head which makes it suitable for blending. It has a strong magnetic motor that produces 14,000 cutting strokes per minute along with a non-slip better-grip for comfy and secure use.

key features
– NEW Phat blade cuts higher up on the head and is perfect for blending
– Powerful magnetic motor generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute
– Exclusive, non-slip better-grip, textured finish
– Provides smoother blending without jumps or steps that often occur when using attachment combs
– Single lever adjusts clipper blades from #1A to #2
– Removes the need for multiple blades

Andis Phat Master Hair Clipper Reviews 1

What people say about this clipper?
“These clippers are awesome, but they’re not receiving the reviews the should have. I have discovered almost everyone has know idea what they’re purchasing when it comes to these clippers. This particular clipper was created for fades and also to make the cut more rapidly. This should not be your main clipper. The motor is powerful. It has some weight to it, meaning its very sturdy. It does not get hot as fast as some of the other Andis products. its dummy proof, this is why you do not need guards.”

“This is a great supplemental product if you already have the standard masters. Good product. Andis never fails to impress.”

Where to buy?
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