Andis Master vs Fade Master

Going back and forth to your barber to get a trimming on your hair certainly makes a hassle, especially if you are busy. One solution that you can do is to get yourself a hair clipper, so you can give yourself a hair trimming whenever you need it. It only take fifteen minutes and you have your fresh haircut. The only thing that you need to get is a good clipper that can do the work perfectly. Choosing a hair clipper can be a big trouble if you don’t know the best one. In fact, you might find yourself in the same problem like other people in choosing Andis master or Andis fade master clipper.

Andis Master vs Fade Master

Both the clippers come from the same brand, yet it can give a different result. If you want to spend your time to look on the parts of the blade, you will see that Andis master has thicker blade with 28 teeth on the blade. Meanwhile fade master has thinner blade with only 22 teeth on it. The different on the teeth certainly affects the result of the clipper.

Thinking more on the difference of Andis master vs fade master, you can ask yourself on the result that you want on your hair. Andis master clipper is made for all types of hair cutting, while fade master clipper is made for more precise low type shave.

Andis Master vs Fade Master

NameAndis MasterAndis Fade Master
Key Features- Blades are to be oiled while in usage - The model# for the blade is #01556 which is compatible with the clipper #01557 - Perfect for all-around outlining and fading - High speed motor runs quiet and cool- An all-around tool for styling and barbering - Fully adjustable lever adjusts clipper blades removing the need for multiple blades - A heavy duty clipper for tough jobs - Magnetic motor that's powerful but stays quiet and cool. - Screws needs to be tightened before using the item, to prevent buzzing noise.
Ratings*4.1 out of 5.0 stars3.6 out of 5.0 stars

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With the big different on the result, it may give you another though on which clipper that you should buy. One of the best suggestion that you can take is to get yourself a complete set of Andis master clipper, then you can get fade master blade separately.  This way, you can get both clipper for your hair trimming. First, use Andis master to cleanly shave your thick hair. Then, you change the blade to fade master for the low fade of your hair.

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