Almond Oil vs Sweet Almond Oil

Almond Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, Are They the Same? I know, it might sound like silly question but, seriously, are we talking about the same thing if we refer to the sweet almond oil and “regular” almond oil? Please don’t give me answer that sweet almost oil contains sugar in it because someone has added sugar purposefully. Yes, that question is lingering and my mind and please don’t ask why. I know that there are so many people out there who are also curious about this matter. And then, I tried to seek some information and found that those kinds of almond oil are totally two separate and different oils. Booyaa! There’s no need for you to deal with the searching like I did because I’ll provide the information for you.

Almond Oil vs Sweet Almond Oil

Where Do the Oils Come from?
Like its name, both oils are derived from almond plants. But, regarding to the origin, the plants are different. The almond plants which grow pink flowers are the ones to produce bitter almond (starting from now on, we’ll just simply call it “almond”). Meanwhile, the almond plants that grow white flowers are the ones where sweet almond oil is produced. And there is another kind of information about how the oils come from. Sweet almond oil is derived from the kernel. I don’t know why but perhaps, it’s the kernel that makes the taste become sweet. And the pure almond oil is derived from the almond fruit. So, now we know that even though those oils are similar but they come from different sources.

The Taste
Once again, judging from the name, the taste of both oils is different. Sweet almond oil tastes, well, sweet (duh!). While the regular almond oil barely has any taste. However, there are some almond oil products which taste a little bitter.

The Benefits and Functions
What about the function? Well, to be honest, the function of those oils is actually similar. Since the content of vitamin E is quite abundant in the oil, we usually use them as the ingredient of our meals. However, once again, judging from the taste, sweet almond oil is commonly used to make sweet things like cakes, cookies, and the other things like that. On the mean time, salad lovers are more familiar with the pure almond oil as the dressing. Nevertheless, both oils are so beneficial for our health because they can lower our cholesterol level and give relaxation. And in addition to the function as well as benefits mentioned before, you must learn that sweet almond oil is also common to be used as massage oil. The nutrients contained in the oil are believed to be so good for the skin health as well as giving rejuvenation to the muscles.

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