Aleve vs Tylenol

Pain is one of the most uncomfortable feelings we often experience due to a contact with a solid object or because some infections like fever which is why pain killer like Aleve Vs Tylenol are sold widely at drug store as over the counter solution the minute you experience some minor pain. To let you keep being active and productive, see which of these popular painkillers can offer and whether there is a difference between them so then we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Deal with Physical Pain
– What to Pay Attention with Painkillers
– What are Aleve and Tylenol
– Are Aleve and Tylenol Expensive
– What Aleve and Tylenol are made with
– How Aleve and Tylenol Work
– How to Take Aleve and Tylenol
– Do Aleve and Tylenol have Interaction
– Aleve Vs Tylenol

Over the Counter Painkiller and Alternatives
Almost all people have experienced being under the weather sometimes and chances what we do first is opening our medicine then grab one painkillers from the shelves and drink them then not long after our body is back at its top condition. Pain is one of the most uncomfortable feelings we often faced at daily basis whether it is because of some minor accident or some unclear reasons that somehow appear and gone without any predictive sign like fever or headache.

Painkillers are available as over the counter drug and chances there are hundreds of them or even more with different names but the main ingredients are mostly the same such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. All of them are categorized as painkillers but the benefit or reaction to numb the uncomfortable feelings or pain will be different depending on what drug being used in the composition. Overall the type we called NSAID is working in two ways for reducing pain and killing pain.

For those who are not fond of taking drugs due to various side effects that you might be concerned with, taking homeopathic medicine may work as well. On the other hand, taken from there are alternatives like weight loss, exercise, physical therapy, massage, joint-supporting splints, and acupuncture that you can try to reduce pain and limit the dependence on pain relievers. At the end it is all up to you about which seems to be more effective.

Painkiller Safety
While in general OTC painkillers or NSAIDs are safe to take, we still should not consume them carelessly because no drugs are safe when exceeding the dosage or used in a prolonged time. What you have to pay attention to when taking them are first, don’t follow the dosage or taking too little/too many. Second is taking the drugs with other drugs can cause conflicts or contraindications. Third is taking the drug with food or not because depending on their direction, we may need food or not.

Fourth is taking the drugs too soon from when you take it previously since it may cause overdose or in a prolonged time might cause addiction as well. Fifth is using other painkillers in which compound the first for it can cause death. Sixth is waiting too long in between doses because the pain may resurface again. Seventh is eating some foods or beverages which can cause gastrointestinal symptoms. The last is abruptly stopping the drug especially if it is opiate since it can cause withdrawal symptoms.

About Aleve and Tylenol
For convenience, it is safe to always have painkillers or NSAIDs in the first aid kit because we never know what will happen in the future and if you also have children we should also prepare one for them as well. Additionally, it is good to check each one of your drugs first so then we know what each problem will be ideally dealt with for example if you also experience inflammation then NSAIDs will be more effective than just any painkiller.

Two of the most popular painkillers we used to find in any drug store or pharmacy are Aleve and Tylenol and we are sure many of us have experiences with these drugs as well because they are widely used and sometimes people even take both of them to deliver the best benefits for their pain killing effects. They are known to be safe to be taken together so if you are looking for a painkilling drugs that can complement each other these two will be a perfect solution.

However, we also don’t recommend to take Aleve and Tylenol excessively because though they are safe for regular use even when combined, it is never wise to start taking many at once to numb the pain and it is always better to try them from the lowest dose first then increase it after seeing the effect after thus, do stop the usage if moderate amount is not working anymore. In addition, it is better to stop once the pain is becoming dull or change into physical remedies such as hot bath or applying cold pack.

These painkillers are going to work similarly to ease those uncomfortable feelings but due to the difference in their main ingredient or drug used as the active painkilling agent, their reaction in the body will be difference as well and depending on what you are currently experiencing now, the drug may work or not yet, as an overall painkiller, Aleve is more powerful thanks to its Naproxen Sodium.

Aleve and Tylenol Price and Package
We usually purchase painkillers in a box containing several strips of the drugs or in a plastic container with the drugs inside. Both of Aleve and Tylenol offer bulk package so one package usually contains many drugs which is more cost saving especially for those who often took the drugs or sharing with their family member or partner. The Aleve in our article is the 250 caplet size sold at $22.99 and even if you take them everyday, it will last for about 3 months.

On the other hand Tylenol has bigger container and is selling this 325 caplets size at similarly $20.9. Caplet is the cylindrical form of tablets and these drugs are not too big in size so those who are not used to swallow painkillers before should be fine with the help of a lot of water.

Aleve and Tylenol Active Ingredient
As it has been mentioned above, when looking for a painkiller, the most important point is checking the main drug being used to deliver the pain numbing effect and this is actually what set Aleve and Tylenol apart because this one is using Naproxen Sodium which is categorized as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug while Tylenol is based on Acetaminophen and it is a non NSAID. They have similar effects in your body but Naproxen is a pain medication that relieves inflammation which often caused pain or to treat joint stiffness.

It is more similar to Ibuprofen that you can check on our Aleve Vs Advil because they can equally handle inflammation and as the inflamed area is prevented or soothe, the pain will ease away as well. On the other hand Acetaminophen is also reducing pain in the body but it does nothing against inflammation and in comparison is more similar to aspirin. It’s another pros compared to NSAID is you won’t experience a stomach problem for it doesn’t irritate the stomach lining.

Aleve and Tylenol Mechanism
Different active ingredient also makes these painkillers works differently as well and as based on Naproxen, Aleve will work by blocking the enzyme which is known to produce prostaglandins and it is playing an essential role in inflammation. Prostaglandins is produced when our body is injured as well as producing those redness, heat, swelling, and pain so by inhibiting it, we can experience less pain as well. As for Tylenol based on Acetaminophen, it blocks the pain signals in the brain.

Its certain mechanism is still confusing even today but the drug is classified as an analgesic and antipyretic which means it inhibits the pain sensors in your nervous system as well as reducing fevers.

Aleve and Tylenol Dosage
Moving to the dosage, it is never recommended to use them at high dosage at once and it is better to try one by one and see which works for you the best. Aleve effect is lasting longer which is why we can only take two a day while on the other side Acetaminophen has shorter window so depending on the dosage, we usually can take 4 to 10 caplets per day. For example this Tylenol painkiller is carrying 500 mg per caplet so we can take one or two every 4-6 hours up to 6 caplets.

Aleve and Tylenol Interaction
The last and probably what you have been wondering from the start is whether it is safe to take both of them and the answer is yes, it is widely acceptable to take these painkillers together. However, it also known to be better for you when taking them at different times for example getting Tylenol in the morning and once the pain is resurfacing again we can take Aleve for the next hours to handle the pain or in reverse by alternating them as long as it is not for a prolonged time like more than 10 days.

Both of Aleve and Tylenol are safe to be taken frequently as painkiller but not for a prolonged time and they are even safe to be used at the same time or as alternating pain medication. What sets them apart is the active ingredient because Aleve is based on Naproxen while Tylenol is based on Acetaminophen which is not an NSAID as the former so it will not work against inflammation.

Aleve vs Tylenol

- For adults and children 12 years and older
- 250 caplet bottle
- Use for headaches, muscle aches, minor arthritis pain, toothaches, and more
- 1 caplet provides 8 to 12 hours of pain relief
- 500mg - 325 caplets
- Contains no aspirin
- Pain reliever
- Fever reducer

Since both of them have no interaction, it is better to use them in tandem to get the best benefits of both especially if your pain is not an inflamed ones because if it is so, then Aleve is the more ideal choice.

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