Advil vs Tylenol

No one wants to endure pain because it is uncomfortable and will hinder our body from performing at its best especially if you have lots of tasks to deal with. As one of the most common experiences, pain can be eased with painkiller drugs like Advil Vs Tylenol that will effectively work to let you stay active despite experiencing some minor aches. If you are confused about which drug to choose, see if there is any difference between them below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Is NSAID Safe
– What are Advil and Tylenol
– Are Advil and Tylenol Pricy
– What Advil and Tylenol are made of
– What Advil and Tylenol can offer
– How often we should take Advil and Tylenol
– What are the Risks of Advil and Tylenol
– Advil Vs Tylenol

NSAID Safety

We live our daily lives, facing many conditions and doing lots of activities whether it is to make a living or to take care of what we already have. It is a tiring process sometimes but all of us are living this similar routine everyday and there will be times when we have to experience some minor accidents that will cause body discomfort or even injuries. Our body is telling the problem by feeling pain and while it is a normal thing, we prefer to not feel it at times.

This is because they can get quite distracting especially if you have other activities and need to focus on them. Similar to with many health issues, thankfully we already have a solution for this and it is by taking pain relievers or drugs to ease the uncomfortable pain. We have a painkillers to numb them or using NSAID when the pain is involving inflammation or caused by an inflammation. The problem with drugs however, is they are not completely safe since there must be trade-offs for the benefit they gave to us.

The most well-known side effects that we often heard when it is about NSAID is heart disease and it is indeed true so there is no question about how dangerous drugs for people who have been struggling with heart diseases even before using them. In addition, they also often cause stomach issue because according to AGA, each year there are over 100000 people are hospitalized due to the side effects NSAID in the U.S and it is for bleeding stomach ulcers.

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However, we also have to see them as a whole because we have more than 30 million of American using the drug everyday for dealing with some minor conditions like headache, arthritis, and similar pain. As it has been mentioned above, there must be a trade-off for the benefit we get from them and while some experts stress the danger of taking them on a daily basis but on the other hand living with pain is another huge issue as well for our daily life.

For those who are worried about how their painkillers may affect their long-term health, it is safe to say for most people who are taking an over the counter NSAID for occasional pain like headache or backache since it is not going to be consumed for a long period of time. The one at higher risk and should pay more attention are those with chronic pain and need to take the drug in the long-term.

About Advil and Tylenol

Before you grab any painkiller from a drug store, it is good to consider what issue we have first whether it is caused by inflammation or not because then we can decide to pick the most suitable or if possible the safest option. One thing we always recommend is to check the drug’s main ingredient or main drug that will give you the effect of painkiller because there are lots of them being used depending on the main goal of the drug.

For those who are looking for a painkiller that can also handle fever, Advil and Tylenol are two of the most popular brands we have today and they are marketed for the same benefits which is why many of us are confused about which to choose. However, they are not unnecessarily identical because as you may already know, they are using a different main drug to deliver the pain relieving effect and it means there will be a slight difference as well.

However, they are also interchangeable when it comes to application because depending on your type of pain, we can either use Advil or Tylenol safely. For example, headache and common cold of fever will be fine with any of them and if these two are also your concern then it comes to personal preference or if you are not sure yet, just try a dose of each one of them at different times and see which works the best for the pain.

The main difference between these two painkillers is their ingredients because when you check their label, Advil is actually based on Ibuprofen while Tylenol is based on Acetaminophen. They are working in a very similar manner but are also different and between the two, only the latter is safe to be used by children less than 6 months old while the former can only be used by those who are older. Whether it is taken by children or adults, none of them should be taken in a prolonged time.

Advil and Tylenol Caplets and Price

Unlike some brands of painkiller drugs, one of the first things we like from these brands is how they offer these products in a value package and it is great for those who are living with a family or plan to share them for the whole people who live in the house. Buying them in bulk also save some more because mostly they are cheaper than getting a smaller packages, for example the Tylenol bottle with 325 caplets is sold at $20.9.

The travel package of Advil with 50 small packets and each one of them has 2 tablets is sold at $6.28 so price is not an issue here since both are equally affordable. The problem is for those who are not fond of taking solid drugs because caplets are generally larger compared to solution like pellets and if you find it hard to swallow them, make sure to drink plenty of water while taking these drugs. Read also: Aleve Vs Motrin.

Advil and Tylenol Ingredients

Let’s move forward to the basic ingredient and it means we are also talking about the drug itself and it is between Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen. It may be confusing at first but the fact is they are not categorized as the same drug despite having a similar effect because between the two only Ibuprofen is considered NSAID while the latter is actually only a pain reliever and fever reducer. As an NSAID, Ibuprofen is going to handle inflammation as well as reducing the fever.

Advil and Tylenol Benefits

Other than Tylenol, Acetaminophen is used by many other brands like Aceta or Apra and its main difference from any NSAID including Ibuprofen is they will not handle inflammation but it has a similar effect on pain and while it is still unclear how they work against the issue, an idea is because they affect COX enzymes in the brain and reducing the formation of prostaglandins which is surprising because it is very similar to what Ibuprofen do yet not considered as NSAID.

Besides Acetaminophen, in some countries this drug is also called as Paracetamol so make sure to read the label to prevent overdosing of using the same substance. On the other hand, Ibuprofen is working and considered as NSAID because it blocks both COX-2 enzymes which is playing a role in causing pain and signaling inflammation as well as COX-1 enzymes that related to protective effect on the stomach lining. This is also why with the efficacy of blocking pain, it also has a higher risk to cause stomach-related issues.

Advil and Tylenol Effective Hours

No one would prefer to take a drug often and this is also apply to painkiller because it can be stressing to consume them several times a day moreover if you are an active person. Between the two, there is no difference in activating hour and how long the benefit will last so on average they will work in the same length yet, Acetaminophen like Tylenol should not be taken more than every 4-6 hours similar to Ibuprofen because the effect will last about 4 hours as well depending on the dose.

Advil and Tylenol Risk

When comparing the risk, Acetaminophen is usually considered to be safer but a review in 2015 questioned the assumption and concluded that higher dosage and longer usage of this drug will also have similar side-effects like how NSAID is such as increased risk of heart attack and store as well as GI ulcers and bleeding while those who took it for more than 13 weeks may see a fall in hemoglobin. Ibuprofen has been linked with those we mentioned but in comparison to other NSAIDs it is among the lowest.


Both of them are an ideal choice for relieving minor pains are equally safe for occasional pain management but not for a prolonged time. The main difference between them is Advil is using Ibuprofen which is an NSAID while Tylenol is using Acetaminophen and it is not included as NSAID. They are equally working quite fast but some researchers found that NSAID is more effective to handle pain probably because it also deal with inflammation.

Advil vs Tylenol

- Easy to carry, these Advil two-tablet packets sold in a 50-count case are perfect for travel, wedding gift bags, or any other on the go / portable need.
- When used as directed, Advil is a safe and effective pain reliever for headaches, muscle aches, minor arthritis, joint pain, menstrual cramps, toothache, and backache.
- Advil coated tablets are small in size yet tough on pain.
- The medicine in Advil (Ibuprofen) is designed to relieve pain at the site of inflammation.
- 500mg - 325 caplets
- Contains no aspirin
- Pain reliever
- Fever reducer


You can pick either of them for minor pain and to help reduce fever but if your pain is also associated with inflammation or swelling then the ideal choice is a brand that use NSAID like Advil with its Ibuprofen.

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