4 Types of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a medical term that refers to tinnitus. Those who suffer from it can be heard roaring, clicking or hissing noises. Tinnitus is not always constant and can change pitch volume and sound.

Types of Tinnitus

Tinnitus muscle
Tinnitus is a form of when one of the two middle ear muscle spasm. These two muscles are called the stirrup and the tensor tympani. They join a bone called hammer. These are the muscles that contract when a loud noise is heard. When a person has muscular tinnitus, these muscles contract without reason, and even where there is no noise. This is what causes the annoying hum you hear in your ears.

Tinnitus vascular
A person with vascular tinnitus can hear two large blood vessels in the middle ear when circulating blood. These vessels are called the jugular vein and carotid artery. When blood flows to the brain, the individual can usually hear your own heartbeat.

Tinnitus nervous
Nerves are the most beautiful structures of hearing. The hair cells in the ears are used to transform the waves into nerve impulses. These impulses are delivered to the cells of the retina, which then alters the waves into nerve impulses. If these cells swell or are jammed, cells can cause irritation. This interference occurs for several reasons, including allergies, exposure to loud sounds, or systemic diseases.

Tinnitus brain
A person with tinnitus brain is interrupted for circulation. Whether dealing with swelling or pressure, interference may involve the auditory pathways to enter the brain of the person. Most of these cases occur in only one ear of the person.

Tinnitus symptoms may include hearing loss, stress and depression. Learn how to help curing Tinnitus with acupuncture.

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