Vega One Vs Isagenix

Both Vega One and Isagenix are very popular supplements for weight-loss as well as daily consumption. Both products boast to be all-natural and offer high amounts of protein. Since Vega One and Isagenix are available in a more-or-less similar price range, you may get confused in choosing between the two. However, one thing is certain; they offer different nutritional values. So, should you take Vega One or Isagenix? Read the comparisons below to determine which is the most suitable for you!


Very Different Properties
Vega One and Isagenix are designed somehow differently, and thus come with very different properties. Vega One is made as an all-in-one supplement shake, featuring a complete list of nutrients to help you meet your daily nutritional needs. In each serving, Vega One offers 20 grams of plant-based protein, 6 servings of greens, some fiber and omega-3s, as well as various vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and beneficial probiotics. The antioxidants are important to counter the free radicals that get into your body, whilst the probiotics are essential for keeping the health of the digestive system. Thus, Vega One indeed makes an excellent choice for daily consumption. Vega One is dairy-free and soy-free, so it is very unlikely to cause any allergic reaction.

On the other hand, Isagenix comes with high levels of protein and fiber. However, it uses whey-based protein. Whey is acquired from milk. So, it may not be suitable for people allergic to milk or lactose. Even though it has been enhanced with active enzymes in order to make it easier to be digested and absorbed by the body, you still need to be careful. Isagenix comes with 24 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and 23 vitamins and minerals. With the high fiber content, Isagenix helps a lot in controlling your fat and calorie intake, and makes a great choice for a healthy weight-loss. (Have a look: Vega One Vs Garden Of Life)

Flavor Choices
One great thing: Vega One and Isagenix are both available in multiple flavors, so you can certainly find one that is the most suitable for you, and switch to a different flavor should you get bored. Vega One is available in french vanilla, chocolate, mocha, berry, natural, vanilla chai, and coconut almond. On the other hand, Isagenix offers unique flavors of french vanilla, creamy dutch chocolate, strawberry cream, and black sesame.

Vega One Vs Isagenix

NameVega OneIsagenix
Key Features- 20 servings per container, 41g per serving - 50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals made from fruits and veggies - 25% daily fiber, 1.5 Grams omega-3s, probiotics, and antioxidants- All-natural with no artificial flavors or colors - Enzyme-active formula for maximum nutrient absorption - 100% more fiber supports better regularity and healthy blood sugar levels
Ratings*4.0 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars

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If you want to focus on weight-loss and you are not allergic to milk or lactose, Isagenix makes the best way to go. However, for a daily supplement, Vega One is better due to the varied nutritional contents.

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